Screen names

Having participants enter a screen names lets you identify responses from participants without requiring them to go through the full registration process. Sometimes, though, you might not want participants to identify themselves. You can decide whether or not you want participants to enter a screen name before they respond to your activities.

Using screen names

Participants can attach a screen name to their responses by typing in their name while responding to your first Poll Everywhere activity. All subsequent responses will include that name.

If you decide not to use screen names, the system will auto-generate an ID. Choosing not to ask for a screen name can provide a bit of anonymity for sensitive subjects as participants won’t be able to identify who provided which response. Check out the Anonymous responses article for more information.

Toggling screen names on or off

From your Activities page, select the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner and click My Settings. Now select the Poll settings tab. You’ll see the two options below Participant screen names.

Helpful tip: This setting affects all activities. Selecting ‘Do not ask participants to enter screen names’ will prevent participants from using screen name on any activity you create.

Screen names

This feature can be disabled by your organization. If this is the case, and you wish to use it, contact your customer success manager. If you are an account admin, visit the Participant screen name article in the Account administration section for more information.

Screen names disabled


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