Your response history

If you want to review responses you’ve made, you can do so from your Response history page.

To access your Response history page, log into your Poll Everywhere account, click the Settings gear icon, then select My settings. In the menu on the left, click the Response history link.

Response history

On your Response history page, you will see the question (and multiple choice answers if applicable), your response, who the presenter was, and the date and time you responded. If the presenter assigned a correct answer (e.g. for education or corporate training purposes) you may also see a red X or green check mark indicated whether you got the question correct or not.

Helpful tip: The presenter can decide whether or not participants can view answer correctness and can also determine when and for how long answer correctness is visible.

Response history page

Helpful tip: There is also a link to your Response history from your Participant registrations page.


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