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Reliability Poll Everywhere Turning Technologies
Uptime, 3 month test - 4/16 99.98%, professionally monitored (99.96% UptimeRobot)
Downtime, 3 month test - 4/16 21 minutes (2 min - UptimeRobot) None
Public status page None
Underlying technology Ruby on Rails, Backbone, Websockets
Reference customers 60% of the Fortune 1000 and nearly half a million educators; clients include Google, McDonalds, MIT, Accenture, Oracle, TED, Genentech, P&G. Notre Dame, MIT, UC schools. Whitehouse Jimmy Kimmel Show, Martha Stewart Show, The Weather Channel, Sherwin Williams, USDA, Upenn, Harvard, Dartmouth, Military
Security Poll Everywhere Turning Technologies
Security against cheating Yes
Data security Comprehensive security program that is audited in detail by banks, defense contractors, accounting firms, and R&D departments
Regular independent security audits Annual pen-testing by market-leading third-party provider
Support Poll Everywhere Turning Technologies
Contact methods Phone, email, community message board, Twitter, blog, Facebook, UserVoice Phone, Email, Online training
Phone 8am - 8pm EST M-F, Phone number posted on all pages 8am - 9pm EST
After-hours 24/7 phone Yes, if prescheduled No
Dedicated in-person support Yes, call for pricing and availability Yes, contractors
Twitter @pollevhelp
Email 8am - 8pm EST M-F
Self-help instructional videos 32 100+
Webinar Weekly webinars for users presenters and educators
Frequently asked question library 54 curated, 300 on community message board.

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