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In an age of increasing distraction, it’s important to keep your audience engaged to ensure they hear the message you’re trying to communicate. It’s a fact that in worship services and ministry groups, people’s attention can drift – and figuring out how to bring people back to the message is becoming more important for pastors and speakers.

Just as important as keeping people engaged, is keeping people included. Demonstrating that your organization cares about your congregation and showing new families how they can instantly be part of your community is critical to your success. Imagine if every first-time visitor felt as included as your strongest parishioner.

Poll Everywhere allows you to ask questions and have your audience use their mobile phones to respond – you can even display the real-time results on a screen, just like American Idol!

“Poll Everywhere is one of the biggest features of our service”

- Reality Church

real time voting in worship servies

Built with you in mind.

It’s easy to create these interactive moments with Poll Everywhere. Create questions on the Poll Everywhere website and during worship your AV team can present those questions on-screen via a web browser or through PowerPoint. Your audience can submit responses via text message or from their phone’s web browser! Results will show up live on the screen!

You can customize everything with your own logo and colors. There’s nothing for your congregation to install or download, and Poll Everywhere is even compatible with SubSplash.

Poll Everywhere is the software that religious organizations use to engage with their audience and bring their services into the digital age.

conversations in church groups

Start a conversation

Ask about experiences or opinions to get a pulse of the room and create fun ice breakers that excite your audience

text voting in youth ministry

Anonymous questions in youth groups

Overcome embarrassment and allow teens to ask important questions about life.

entertaining crowds with voting

Entertaining pre-show

Before services begin, use a fun trivia game or allow people to submit blessings to draw people in earlier put them in a receptive frame of mind.

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