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Ask a question. The audience responds from the privacy of their phones.

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presenting anonymous poll

Multiple choice polls

Respondents choose from a list of predetermined answers, under the cover of anonymity. Perfect for candid answers in class, or honest feedback during a meeting.

presenting word cloud

Live word clouds

Word clouds come alive as the audience distills topics into one-word summaries. Use anonymous word clouds to elicit an emotional reaction to a presentation or topic.

presenting anonymous questions

Q&A sessions

Anonymous Q&A sessions give hundreds, even thousands of employees equal access to the CEO, all at once. Unearth problems before they become too big to solve.

Anonymous feedback in any setting

From small meetings to huge stadiums, Poll Everywhere gives everyone a voice.

two co-workers talking

Inclusive all-hands meetings holds all-hands meetings powered by Poll Everywhere. The anonymous Q&A sessions allow the company to take the pulse of hundreds of employees at once, leveling the playing field between leadership and employees.

One-third attends in person, and the rest join via livestream—yet every voice is represented equally on-screen.

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engaged students

Authentic classroom conversations

At Yale, Gabriel Grant depends on anonymous polling to make students feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

That vulnerability leads to authentic, judgment-free conversations (Grant calls it "snowballing vulnerability"). Grant and his students then use what they learn about conversations to move the global sustainability conversation forward.

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co-worker feedback

Safe spaces, anywhere you need them

When youth pastor Cam Brennan wanted to make teens feel comfortable enough to talk about sex, anonymity was crucial to a productive conversation. Poll Everywhere delivered.

Brennan also took advantage of the moderation feature to filter out inappropriate responses before they appeared onscreen.

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multiple-choice poll on PowerPoint

On the web or in PowerPoint.

Access all your poll activities from any web browser, no installation required.

Or, add Poll Everywhere to PowerPoint to create truly interactive presentations.

Add-ins also available for Keynote and Google Slides.

example poll on laptop

Live, or at your own pace

Bring the audience to their feet with poll activities optimized for real-time interaction. Host a Q&A session, create a live word cloud, or ask tough questions to harness the power of anonymity onstage.

Or, create a survey to share via email, social media, or text message. The audience responds to the survey on their own time.

Mark Elendt, Event Chair
Poll Everywhere’s live voting was easy and intuitive for me to set up and for the audience to use. The audience loved the voting results display live.

Mark Elendt, Event Chair

Chair of SIGGRAPH 2013 Dailies

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