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How Poll Everywhere works for enterprise

An enterprise account gives your company concurrent, international access to live polling. That means you can use one-minute Q&A, live-updating word clouds, and instant multiple-choice polls to run more productive meetings and engage customers and employees at all your company events... worldwide. All with no hardware to ship or program. Poll Everywhere works with any computer, tablet, or mobile phone, and integrates with the presentation software your organization uses most.

Ask a question

Step 1

Ask your audience a question with the Poll Everywhere app

Receive responses from audience

Step 2

Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers

See responses live

Step 3

See your response live on the web or in a PowerPoint presentation

Live online polling tools built to unique specifications

Private cloud

Private cloud

Store all questions and responses on a virtual private cloud. It’s enterprise-level security for all training sessions, meetings, and large events.

White labeling

White labeling

Get custom audience response pages and charts tailored to your company brand. Lock down an on-brand poll template and deploy it with confidence throughout your organization.

Rollout support

Rollout support

Every enterprise account receives dedicated account management. That includes onsite training and custom rollout support. Enterprise accounts also receive regular ROI reports.

Access to an enterprise developer

Access to an enterprise developer

Enterprise accounts qualify for special-order audience response functionality. Create just the right interactive experience for your company’s annual event or everyday communications.

Deep integration

Deep integration

Weave SMS and online polling seamlessly into an existing application infrastructure, including your company’s LMS. It also works within PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides decks.


Single sign-on (SSO)

Use your company’s standard sign-on credentials to access all your Poll Everywhere tools. Keep everything simple and secure.

How can Poll Everywhere help with your company’s employee engagement goals?

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Enterprise software that engages everyone

Whether you’re kicking off a sales conference with an ice breaker question, or gathering a quick vote in a weekly meeting, your organization has the flexibility to engage everyone quickly and effectively with online polling. Use it to bridge language barriers, provide ranked feedback, create a safe zone for sensitive discussion, or just spice up a corporate event.

Poll Everywhere Word Cloud Polling

Captivating audiences around the world

Over half the Fortune 1,000 use Poll Everywhere to entertain, engage, and assess.

Poll Everywhere success stories


HP Meeting

Reach Young Employees

HP’s sales conferences turn into sporting events when sales teams compete and the audience votes via live polling.


Simon Puleo is tasked with training HP’s international sales teams and new hires. He develops curriculum and teaches sta how to present new products to customers. Simon o en has to speak at huge sales conferences in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Simon needed a way to engage audiences of up to 800 people on three continents, without a lot of hardware or bandwidth headaches. So he turned to Poll Everywhere. The text-in response option made sad hotel bandwidth a non-issue, and the fact that he didn’t need extra gear or installations was a plus.

A little kick of competition gets everyone going.

When your goal is to increase engagement, competition is usually a safe bet. Simon organized a sales pitch showdown between the sales teams at each regional conference. Teams came on stage to give their best pitch to the audience. Then sales execs scored the pitches on their technique and e ectiveness.

But the final decision came down to the audience vote. Simon created a multiple choice poll that allowed the crowd to choose a clear winner. Because everyone was able to use their own cell carriers to text in responses, rather than spotty web connections, all of the audience members were able to participate. And Simon got to use the same poll on all three continents without any issues.

The race is on!

Simon said, “The minute people start texting in their answers or using the web interface, you’re seeing results onstage.” By the end the crowd was standing and cheering on their favorite teams. “They see the bar going across the screen, and they start grabbing all their devices trying to ring in as many votes as they can!”

A little competition and a very portable polling method turned three international sales conferences into fun sporting events—something tech savvy young employees could easily engage with.

Pamlab Training


Jayme Torres isn’t a schoolteacher. But it’s easy to feel like one when you present six-hour lectures every day, sometimes for weeks on end. Jayme works as a product trainer for sales reps at Pamlab, a naturalized pharmaceutical company based in Louisiana.

She teaches volumes of detailed, data-heavy medical information to new sales team members, including 50 inside team members who work the phones and over 200 outside team members who meet with doctors daily. They study each product for six hours each plus two hours of clinical review. It’s an intense fact dumping.

Marathon PowerPoint sessions interrupted

Jayme is constantly innovating, bringing a little life and laughter to her trainings. “I try to break up the monotony and make it fun. I’m also looking for ways to increase engagement.”

One of the tools Jayme uses to liven up her marathon PowerPoint sessions is Poll Everywhere. Sometime near the beginning of a product lecture, or after a break, Torres runs a poll. Often it’s a question that tests the limits of the new sales reps’ background knowledge, or gauges their level of understanding of the topic at hand. Other times she uses polling as an icebreaker, to encourage new team members to get to know one another and interact.


Pamlab’s most popular poll to date is the one Jayme created with the help of seven team leaders. Each leader gathered one interesting fact about each person on his or her team. Then Jayme randomized the facts and created a massive Bingo game for the staff to play at the beginning of the meeting. Everyone milled around the room, trying to match each fact with a name and a face. It delivered a lot of laughs, and was the perfect way to break the ice.

Jayme reserved the most intriguing facts of the game for the poll. She put seven facts about seven mystery team members on screen, and let the whole room vote on who was who. The results were hilarious, and got the whole sales force pumped and primed for the session.

Kneip Map


We all wish our office parties were as cool as the huge year-end bash at KNEIP! Months before the party starts, small teams start working on epic music videos for the big night. Then everyone comes together for a night of food, drinks, raging fun, and of course the all-important vote for the People’s Choice Music Video.

Troy Bankhead, in charge of Marketing and Communication, decided to use Poll Everywhere to conduct the vote. Troy had used other polling services in the past, but said Poll Everywhere stood out with a snazzier interface and remarkable ease of use.

A diverse workforce separated by culture and location comes together

KNEIP provides solutions to asset managers and administrators that help them manage their fund data, reporting, and regulatory filing. Their company thrives on a spirit of teamwork and fresh thinking – which can be challenging, considering KNEIP employs 250 diverse professionals in six locations: Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lausanne, and London. KNEIP directors make a concerted effort to create a collaborative environment that fosters innovative ideas.

The year-end party is a big deal at KNEIP. It is one of the few times the entire company gathers in a single location. Employees look forward to the festivities for months and the MTV-style Video Music Awards are the highlight!

Enjoying dinner at your table while manning the polls

“The A/V guys were able to program the display software to display the Poll Everywhere webpage, and I was able to sit at my dinner table with my friends, and control the poll display with my iPhone. It was too cool.” He was even able to catch and fix a last minute oversight: in the last three minutes before the poll went live, he quickly reset the response limit from unlimited to one per guest, right there at his table.

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