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Seamlessly engage audiences through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more.

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Engaging Students around the world

More than 1 million educators and over 75% of the Fortune 500 trust Poll Everywhere for group engagement.


Create an interactive classroom experience in real time

Getting all students to engage in a lesson can be challenging but key to performance, with classroom engagement being one of the most important positive impacts on grades and academic success.  Poll Everywhere provides a safe platform for every student to ask questions, participate in group activities, and share thoughts and insights, right from their phone or computer.

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Streamline attendance and grading

Incorporate student engagement into your gradebook with a few clicks. Go beyond correctness to measure participation and active learning.


Collaborate online or in-person, seamlessly

Standardize course material by creating Teams, sharing activities with a few clicks, and viewing presenters’ results. Now, with the new Team manager account role, aligning users has never been easier.


Get what you need fast

Start on the fast track to success with custom account setup and onboarding training. After that, speak with our talented support team whenever you have a product question.


Rely on us for world-class security

You know us as student engagement experts, but we’re security experts, too. We're proud to back our security practices with a SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

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Create activities to complement your course materials

Poll Everywhere activities make online classes simpler for you and more fun for students. Try multiple choice for attendance, Q&A to gather open-ended feedback, or a word cloud to visualize students’ thoughts.


Easily monitor participation and understanding

Students respond to activities from their phones or in a new browser tab, then their responses appear live on your screen. Instantly you get a bird’s eye view of knowledge gaps and group sentiments.


Instantly export graded responses to you LMS

Poll Everywhere streamlines the grading process with direct learning management system integrations. Import your class rosters, enjoy automatic grading, then export the Gradebook report right to your LMS.




University-wide solutions

Poll Everywhere helps university instructors better engage with their students, and increases student participation, satisfaction and performance:  

  • 85% of instructors see an increase in student participation after switching to Poll Everywhere.
  • 80% of instructors say their teaching is more effective with Poll Everywhere.
  • More than two-thirds of instructors say their students are happier using Poll Everywhere in the classroom.
  • More than half of instructors see an improvement in student performance as a result of using Poll Everywhere.
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