PollEv Presenter Add-in

Seamless presentation integration

Create new polls without leaving your favorite presentation software on Mac or PC, navigate between Poll Slides, and offer a beautiful, engaging experience to your audience.

Real time charts

Live, real-time charts

As the audience responds using phones, tablets or laptops, results appear instantly on your slide. Graphs change and move. Open ended answers roll in for everyone to see (unless you moderate them out). You'll learn to listen for the gasp. It happens the moment a crowd sees that slide start to change.


Totally customizable

Design your polls to coordinate flawlessly with your presentation template. You can brand Poll Slides with the company logo or color scheme. Or let your imagination run free with background images, font changes, and complete chart customization.

Create or insert polls from Powerpoint

Create or insert polls from PowerPoint on Windows

Select a poll or an entire group of polls from your Poll Everywhere account, and drop it right into your presentation with a single click.

And if you don't see the one you need, just create it, right there in PowerPoint.

Remote presenter for Windows

New mobile presenter remote for Windows

The PollEv Mobile Presenter App works hand-in-hand with your desktop add-in. It even gives you the power to use your everyday phone as a PowerPoint remote.

Navigate from slide to slide, and use the built-in poll controls to lock/unlock, activate, and even create polls on the fly. Check out the guide for step by step instructions.

Works with any device.
ANY device.

Whatever your audience can carry in, they can use. That means smartphones, flip phones, your grandma's brick phone, Blackberries, tablets, and laptops. If they're attending remotely, they can even use a desktop computer.

Your audience follows along in real time.

The second you advance a slide, a new poll loads automatically in your presentation and on the screens of audience members as they view your personal voting page. They don't have to lift a finger to know exactly which question to answer.

Keep the data as long a you like

The story doesn't end when the poll closes. You'll have access to the data your session generates as long as you like. We even offer cool reporting features like cross-poll analysis to help you learn more about your audience.

The best thing to happen to your presentation since PPT

PollEv Presenter Add-in

Presenter add-in

PollEv Presenter Add-in for work

Are you installing the PollEv Presenter Add-in at work? Are you an IT professional deploying the add-in to many computers at once? You'll probably need the enterprise installer rather than the usual installer. Here's how to install PollEv Presenter Add-in at work:

  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  2. Install Visual Studio 2010 Office Runtime 4.0
  3. Install PollEv Presenter Add-in MSI

If you need help, contact your technical support department, or support@polleverywhere.com.

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