Poll Everywhere for Microsoft Teams

Add to Teams PollEverywhere in Microsoft Teams

Engage teammates

Create a Multiple choice activity directly in Microsoft Teams. Use it whenever you need to collect feedback in a hurry: to prioritize agenda items, assign tasks during a meeting, or vote on a favorite movie.

Add the app
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Spark conversations

Because participants respond directly in Teams too, there’s no need to leave the thread to align with your teammates and spark interesting discussions.

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Gain insights

Asking an interactive question in Teams doesn’t limit your ability to dig deeper. View detailed response history, run reports, or edit an activity’s settings by opening it in your Poll Everywhere account.

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Get started

  1. Authorize Microsoft Teams installation

    Step 1. Add the app

    Get the integration to start using Poll Everywhere in your Microsoft Teams conversations.

  2. Activity creation in Microsoft Teams

    Step 2. Create an activity

    Select Poll Everywhere in the Teams formatting menu and ask your multiple choice question.

  3. Respond to an activity in Microsoft Teams

    Step 3. Gather responses

    Participants respond by selecting from the answer options and submitting their choice.