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Steel Fu

Frontend Engineer

Car, moto, and food enthusiast. Likes to go on adventures

Cory Buecker

Client Services Engineer

Enjoys building software and bikes, cycling and reading

Alejandro Nuñez

Director of Operations

Brad Gessler

Cofounder, CTO

Ambassador of /dev/random

Adam Heath

Frontend Engineer

World explorer, juggler and occasionally writes Javascript

Matthew Cooper

Account Executive

Constantly rotating through conference swag sunglasses



Anna-sophie Nagel

Software Engineer

All the interests of a little old lady, plus coding

Samantha Fullen

Customer Support

Artist, sushi junkie, consumer of video games and mistress of monsters.

Sam DeCesare

Software Engineer

Philosopher moonlighting as developer.

Cem Schemel

Software Engineer

Reads books, rides bikes, enjoys good food, tries to juggle

Mateo Williford

Software Engineer

Game dev, animation, and random code experiments

Nate Pinsky

Software Engineer

Puzzles, bikes, math, and functional programming

Roberto Gonzales

Customer Support

I lead rescue missions on LV-426, I also think books are cool.

David Burke

Account Manager

Favorite hobby: Magnets, Likes: Little green ghouls, Dislikes: People's knees

Alex Greenfelder

Customer Support

Master of my domain

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Shibo Fang

Software Engineer

I like kpop and food.

Dan Petito

Account Executive

Blogging, Gaming, 90's Action Movies

Brian Goodman

Product Manager

The product manager Poll Everywhere deserves, not the one we need.

Daniels Lee

Software Engineer

Alchemist. Lightworker. Starseed.

Andrew Hampton

Software Engineer

Reader, gamer, and wrangler of kids and code

Janaki Nagabhushan

Quality Assurance

Quality Ninja, Bibliophile , Teetotaler

Brad Lindsay

API Engineer

Enjoys board games, novels, and learning new things

Jeff Vyduna

Cofounder, CEO

Database lover, UIUC EE, and MIT MBA

Jonathan Nguyen


Fighting evil by moonlight, pushing pixels by daylight.

Lucas Nicodemus

Software Engineer

Hey! How's it going?


Backend Engineer

Ruby, node, sql, async messaging, BCom UVic

Robert Graham


Engineer marketer, builds, thwg.

Chris Amundson

Software Engineer

The great outdoors, woodworking/tinkering, artwork, and games

Courtney Rogin

Marketing campaign manager

Puppies make me happy. And wine. And tsundoku

Janet Li


All God's children can dance, draw, and think

Adam Rubenstein

Data Analytics

B.A. in Snobbery with concentrations in Beer, Coffee & Audio.

Christopher Bertels

Software Engineer

Programming Language Enthusiast. Likes to code. Sometimes tweets.

Katherine Winter

Software Engineer

Traveler, crafter, lover of silly songs, and the okayest human.

Kyle McFarland

Software Engineer

Star wars, star trek, you know nerd stuff!

Travis Haas

Site Reliability Engineer

DevOps. The command line is your friend. Obviously you're not a golfer

Matt Diebolt

Software Engineer

CoffeeScript zealot, browser subjugator, nice guy.

Chad Aycock

Jr. Software Engineer

Who you jivin with that cosmik debris?

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