This is how it works

Ask the audience a question. Then watch their answers come to life on the screen.

Ask a question

Step 1

Ask your audience a question with the Poll Everywhere app

Receive responses from audience

Step 2

Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers

See responses live

Step 3

See your response live on the web or in a PowerPoint presentation

Step 1: You ask a question

Use our easy poll creator to ask your most burning questions

Type your question into our poll creator, select the kind of poll you want to make, and press “create.” That’s it. Your poll is ready to share with participants! (Though of course you can always go in and really make them your own… colors, fonts, graphics.) All the polls you create will appear on your My Polls page for as long as you care to keep them there - and as long as you have an account with us.

Multiple choice poll

Multiple choice poll

Free response poll

Free response poll

True false poll

True or false poll

True false poll

Clickable images poll

True false poll

Q&A poll

A few extras so you can create the perfect poll

Get creative with your questions

We know there’s a huge variety of questions on your mind, which is why we support a bunch of different ways of asking them. Images, LaTeX syntax (for formulas), and foreign languages… we got you covered.

True false poll

Image responses

True false poll

LaTeX syntax

True false poll

Foreign language support

Step 2: Your participants respond

Turn on the voting options that are right for your event


Works with any device that can send a text

Smart phones, dumb phones, candy bar phones… anyone who can text can contribute to your poll. The poll automatically shows the texting instructions for the service area associated with your account. Create your poll and watch the votes roll in. (We also accommodate international texting from international phones.)

Web voting

Works from any web browser

The easiest, most elegant way to vote is through our beautiful web interface. Anyone who has a web browser can participate. You control which poll your audience sees by “activating” it. They visit your PollEv voting page at, the poll appears, and they click. Voilà!


The ultimate in the look-and-feel department

Craft a voting experience that exactly reflects your brand and your preferences… from colors, fonts, and graphics to layouts, spacing, and messaging. This is a special add-on not available on standard plans. Contact us and we can get started.

Step 3: Real-time, live results

And now for the real magic

You created polls, your audience voted, and now… the moment of excitement when you see the live results flash on the wall. There’s nothing like a chart of bouncing bars or a live updating word cloud to fire up a crowd! (And don’t forget you can customize the look and feel of your charts to match your own style.)

From any web browser

The quickest and easiest way to display your results is directly from our website. Once you enable fullscreen mode, your browser and all the browser buttons are hidden so the only thing your audience sees is their responses in all their glory.

In your PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides

See your polls as you flip through your slideshow. You can present your polls as a seamless part of your PowerPoint or Keynote slideshow. Flip on through and instead of another flat picture, your audience sees your slide come alive with real time poll results. You just need to download Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

On your webpage

Live presenting is the bee’s knees, but you can also publish your poll to a website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other place where people can follow a link.

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I love to use Poll Everywhere at all of our User Conferences across the country and our clients love it too!

Sam B.

Vitera Healthcare

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I am an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine at Emory in Atlanta. Poll Everywhere helps me keep my overworked residents awake when I talk!

Mene D.

Emory University

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