Downloading the PollEv Presenter App

You're moments away from having live polls in PowerPoint and Keynote.

Download the app

1. Download the app

Requires OS X 10.9 'Mavericks' or newer.

Install it

2. Install it

Drag the PollEv Presenter app into your Applications folder. Then double click on the folder, find the app, and run it!

Enjoy it in Powerpoint and Keynote

3. Enjoy it in PowerPoint and Keynote

Now it's time to wow your audience with live polls in your presentation. Read our guide to know all of the cool tricks.

Not a Mac user?

Not a Mac user? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Get the PollEv Presenter App for Windows

Attention Keynote 6.2 Users

The PollEv Presenter is not compatible with Keynote 6.2. Please upgrade to Keynote 6.5