Attendance Management

Capture attendance automatically for your presentations and create more reliable records

Poll Everywhere’s Attendance Management offers automated attendance tracking and reporting combined with a full suite of interactive polling activities, arming presenters with every tool they need to motivate their audiences and improve learning outcomes.

  • Set geofence attendance locations where you present content
  • Automatically prompt participants to check into geofenced locations before joining a presentation
  • Participants check into presentations by verifying their physical location
Attendance Management with Mobile Check In
  • Fully automate attendance to create more reliable records
  • Eliminate time-consuming roll calls and seat charts
  • Get data insights about how in-person attendance impacts engagement through attendance and participation scoring
  • Export attendance data and integrate with learning management systems like Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, Sakai, and Blackboard
Attendance Report
Attendance Management is available at no additional cost in our Engage, Teams, Enterprise, and Individual Instructor plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand the sections below to get answers to common questions.

Does a presenter have to be physically located at the place they want to set for attendance tracking?

No. Presenters can choose any location on a map without needing to be physically present at that location.

Is there a limit to how many locations can be created?

Yes. Presenters can create up to 10 locations to track in-person attendance.

Will presenters need to create a new location for each new activity where they want to track in-person attendance?

No. Once Attendance Management is enabled, all your saved locations will be active for all of your polls and activities.

Can a participant still join a presentation and respond to activities if they do not check-in and verify their location?

Yes. Location check-in is not required for participants to respond to activities, but they will receive a 0% attendance score if Attendance Management is enabled and they participate in an activity without checking in.

Does Poll Everywhere store or share a participant’s or presenter’s location?

No. We never store or share any location data. We do, however, show participants their own latitude and longitude for troubleshooting purposes. This location data is only stored on participants’ own devices.

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