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Collecting valuable employee insights

Use case
Corporate learning & development

"Poll Everywhere has been an ally as I facilitate, gather information, break the ice, and engage my teams through various activities."

Juan Cabrera, HR Business Partner at Merck Sharp & Dohme, turns corporate training sessions into interactive experiences using real-time results. “With the data I collect, I can work on developing programs that address employees’ needs.”

Connecting with colleagues online

With converting his presentations to a fully virtual format, Juan was looking for a way to break the ice and maintain employees’ attention during meetings. He had created a Poll Everywhere account several years earlier and started incorporating it as a staple of his presentations. “Poll Everywhere has been really helpful for me, especially with features like reporting.”

During some of his virtual meetings, Juan started by presenting icebreaker questions with word clouds and clickable image activities. “I’ve also used clickable images to ask participants to place themselves on our cultural values and behaviors. The responses to those activities and multiple choice questions have been very interesting for both myself as the facilitator and the audience.”

After his initial experience with Poll Everywhere, Juan found new ways to use the tool. “I looked into replicating the employee surveys I run on topics like culture, diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing. For example, while running an employee value proposition project, I needed to understand the employee experience at different lifecycle moments of their MSD careers. To gather that information, I facilitated a live session for a hundred employees where I asked about thirty questions with Poll Everywhere. Within half an hour, the engagement I received was absolutely fantastic.”

In a few minutes, Juan had robust feedback he could use to inform decision-making.

"For me, this was mind-blowing. It was a very different way of surveying employees that provided me with a lot of data in a short period of time. The level of engagement is an added benefit."

Leveraging employee devices for engagement

With several successful presentations completed, Juan found the key differentiator when it comes to engaging participants. “One of the most interesting things about Poll Everywhere is that attendees are using their devices to actively participate in the meeting instead of browsing other apps and getting distracted. The results are displayed live on the screen so you’re maintaining their attention throughout the session.”

"After introducing live engagement through Poll Everywhere into my work, I’ve had many colleagues approach me and ask how they can get started."

Poll Everywhere for learning and development

Lead dynamic conversations during employee trainings and meetings.