Facilitating two-way online trainings

Facilitating two-way online trainings
Future Environment Designs
New York
Use case
Corporate learning & development

Poll Everywhere allowed me to get interaction in class — I could ask questions and then get people to chime in about their experiences so we could discuss as a group. I could also call on individuals to tell me more, which meant that I wasn’t the only one talking.

Angelo Garcia, III, owner of Future Environment Designs, conducts engaging group training sessions by incorporating live questions with Poll Everywhere.

Building engagement into the virtual classroom

As a training provider, Future Environment Designs specializes in training professionals on key topics like OSHA compliance, asbestos handling, construction safety, and more. Angelo had been using Poll Everywhere for about a year when he incorporated it into his interactive conference presentations.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to bring the tool into the virtual classroom too when he saw low participation. “I wanted to give the students a way to interact. With videoconferencing software, you have to adjust to the fact that two people can’t talk at the same time. You can’t just interject your answer — you have to wait until the person is finished talking. In some of the first classes I ran, students wouldn’t interact at all.”

Designing interactive classes

To accomplish this goal, Angelo started inserting Poll Everywhere multiple choice activities in between his PowerPoint slides. “I could see where students stood before presenting the information. That was revealing because they might’ve completed the course a year ago, so I could see how much they remembered.”

With questions set to be anonymous, students could see how everyone did and identify where they needed a refresher without feeling singled out if they answered incorrectly.

Angelo is looking forward to bringing Poll Everywhere into more of his training sessions, even when they begin to transition back to in-person.

Since I've been using Poll Everywhere, I've gotten some additional ideas of new questions to include in my trainings. I would like to have the ability to gather information across sessions and store it so I can write a report on it and even present that research at a conference.

Poll Everywhere for learning and development

Make the most of your online trainings by giving the audience a voice.

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