Vikas Dr. Vikas Shah is a Consultant Radiologist at the University Hospitals of Leicester in the UK. In his teaching activities for the hospital, Leicester Medical School, and at seminars across the world, Dr. Shah utilizes Poll Everywhere’s wide range of polls to engage big classes.

How do you engage 100 students at a time?

Dr. Shah teaches medical students, junior doctors and radiology trainees all over the world. Most recently, he taught a course on Abdominal MRI for the JCA Seminars Body MRI Course, a multi-day class at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

His seminars can include as many as 100 students, and it can be a challenge to engage them all. He uses Poll Everywhere throughout his training sessions to keep things fun and interesting.

I find that there is universal engagement in the quizzes, and it creates a real buzz amongst the students.

Dr. Vikas Shah

Use word clouds, multiple choice polls and clickable images to add an element of fun and keep everyone engaged

Shah 2

When presenting, Dr. Shah uses two screens. His PowerPoint presentation fills the first, and the poll results are visible on the second. When he puts an image on screen, students can see both the image the question refers to and the poll results simultaneously.

He uses all poll types: it may be a multiple choice question or an open-ended question viewed as a word cloud or a ticker. But the most powerful, he says, is the clickable image poll.

By using a radiology image as a clickable image poll for diagnostic training, Dr. Shah’s students can click the specific part of the body where they think the pathology lies, rather than a simple multiple choice question listing potential problem areas.

In the end, it’s all about engagement

Dr. Shah couldn’t be happier with the results, and feels that with almost universal smartphone and tablet ownership amongst his students, adapting his teaching to using live polls is key to continued positive feedback.

The first time that I activate a poll, the look on their faces when their screen shows the poll is priceless. But then when they see the word cloud forming or the bars in the bar charts moving, it is truly amazing.

Dr. Vikas Shah

How can you do this?

Step 1

Create your free Poll Everywhere account.

Step 2

Download the free Poll Everywhere add-in and create your first question, selecting “multiple choice poll” as your poll type.

Step 3

Click “upload image” to upload your X-ray as the poll answer, and define a correct answer by clicking on the corresponding region in the image (you can make the box bigger or smaller if you need to).

Step 4

Activate your poll and let the wild rumpus begin.

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