The annual Shamrock Series game is one of the biggest of the year for Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. It’s famous for its popular pre-game festivities including pep rallies, drum circles, and academic lectures that get the already-enthusiastic alumni and fans even more fired up.

At the game itself held at the colossal AT&T Stadium - home of the Dallas Cowboys, the players took on the Sun Devils of Arizona State while Poll Everywhere took care of the fans.

Prepping for game time

Prior to the game, Daniel Skendzel, Director of Digital Media at Notre Dame, decided to take fan participation to the next level with game time polling. The plan called for fans to vote three times during the game - first, to choose the best Shamrock Series game-to-date; second, to select the song that would start the second half; and third, to nominate the game’s MVP.

In short order, the polls were ready to go. “Poll Everywhere proactively helped us setup the voting very quickly,” recounts Daniel.

And then came the boom!

The game day voting went off without a hitch. The gigantic Jumbotron at AT&T Stadium – the fourth largest in the world – was the ideal way to message the over 70,000 fans. Voting was simple and intuitive and went off without a hitch. Fans loved being able to pick the song that started the second half – and were pumped not only to hear Nelly’s “Here comes the boom” open the second half, but also to see the results come in live.

Daniel was pretty pleased as well, saying of Poll Everywhere, “Their tools are easy to use and the voting went smoothly. Our fans loved participating during the game, we plan on doing this again.”

How can you do this?

Give us a ring! You can do it on your own, but if you’re polling a big audience, it makes sense to see how we can help.

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