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Polling in the classroom

Live polling helps tough engineering concepts sink in


Live polling helps tough engineering concepts sink in

Dr. Yan Tang, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, uses student interaction and constant feedback to drive learning in engineering.

To help foster discussion and understanding, she embeds Poll Everywhere polls in her PowerPoint slides for each lecture. They crop up at carefully planned intervals throughout her classes.

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Conduct formative assessments

Conduct formative assessments

Check for understanding at any moment in class, to see how well students comprehend the new material. Then adjust instruction as needed.

Forgotten clickers

Forget about forgotten clickers

No clickers needed. Students can respond using their own smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even “dumb phones” via text messaging.

Foster student engagement

Foster student engagement

Use live polling to help students interact with ideas instantly. They can ask questions, offer feedback, and brainstorm solutions in the flow of instruction, for increased content mastery.

Promote deep learning

Promote deep learning

Classroom response systems can boost student learning outcomes through active learning and promote deep learning, not just information recall.

Increase productivity

Increase the productivity of class discussions

Second-language learners, introverts, and reluctant participants can now have equal access to class discussions. Students’ regular use of Poll Everywhere can also embolden them to speak up audibly in class.

Use your own presentation software

Use your own presentation software

Poll Everywhere lives in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Reuse your poll slides semester after semester and automatically export grades, attendance, and participation scores through an LMS integration.

Jon Boyer, Virginia Tech
Poll Everywhere makes it easy to try active learning and it makes lectures fun for my students and for me.

Jon Boyer

Virginia Tech

Michael Johnson, Simon Frasier University
We've had terrific success using Poll Everywhere! They are truly engaged in the material because they have a voice. We love Poll Everywhere and will continue to use it.

Michael Johnson

Simon Frasier University

I've used Poll Everywhere in both large lectures and small discussions, and the mix of peer and technological interaction never fails to engage, and excite, my students.

Chris Gerben

Stanford University

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