Lots to love about Poll Everywhere


Use any device

Your students can respond using whatever device they own. That includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even "dumbphones" with text messaging.


Easy as pie

Setting up clickers has never been called "easy" but Poll Everywhere makes it dead simple to add exciting, real time polls to your lecture. Even grading and attendance is a snap.



Poll Everywhere is 1/10 the cost of clickers. We are the best value among BYOD systems because we’re the largest. Heck, stay on our free plan as long as you want!

Enormous range of classroom uses

Instructors have used Poll Everywhere in a huge variety of ways – many of which have been found to support student achievement objectives. In small classes and large, let your creativity run wild – and see your students delight.

Over 100,000 educators trust Poll Everywhere

I've used Poll Everywhere in both large lectures and small discussions, and the mix of peer and technological interaction
never fails to engage, and excite, my students.

Chris greben
Chris Gerben
Stanford University
I love to use Poll Everywhere with my students. You can use it to review before a test, or in the middle of a lecture to see if they are getting the point, or to gather some quick data to run calculations.
It is very versatile!

Shea dreaden
Shea Dreaden
South Georgia State College
We've had terrific success using Poll Everywhere! They are truly engaged in the material because they have a voice. We love
Poll Everywhere and will continue to use it.

John boyer
John Boyer
Virginia Tech
Polling allows the instructor to have an interactive learning environment. There is a much better retention of knowledge when you have students self-evaluate what they know during class.
Michael johnson
Michael Johnson
Beedie School of Business, Simon Frasier University

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