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Energize your next meeting, class, or event with a live trivia competition

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Create your questions

Create your questions

Create multiple choice questions with a common theme. Participants respond with their mobile devices.

Present your Competition

Present your Competition

Participants earn points for answering quickly and correctly. A live leaderboard displays scores between questions.

Energize the crowd

Energize the crowd

Once the Competition is complete, the leaderboard declares the winner in a moment of pure suspense — and confetti.

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Your meeting needs more confetti with Competitions

Bring out the audience’s competitive side with Poll Everywhere Competitions. You create the questions. The audience plays for points.

Competitions adapts to your presentation. Create and present multiple choice questions. The audience responds on their devices. And a leaderboard shows everyone who is in the lead.

Competitions is a breeze is set up and play. It can be as long or as short as you like, and makes you the star of your own trivia contest. Competitions joins the many audience engagement activities available on Poll Everywhere.

Competitions got a resounding response, echoing in the room and over the next few days how amazing it was. I had people say, “OMG” and give me high fives.

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