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A real-time learner engagement tool for PowerPoint and the web

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Now you can

Now you can add personal interaction and formative assessment to existing PowerPoint decks, then deploy them to a team of instructors and SMEs. Use Poll Everywhere to create personalized instruction, ROI reporting, attendance tracking, and training evaluations.

75 percent of the Fortune 500 use Poll Everywhere to engage employees

We're always amazed, watching the responses come in, and seeing the bars grow. It breaks up the monotony.

Jayme Torres

Product Trainer at Pamlab

Poll Everywhere makes learning active, social, and personal

Personalized learning

With frequent Q&A polling, formative assessments, and check-in questions, instructors can tailor learning to participants as they go along.

Quick and easy icebreakers

Build a strong team from day one by starting with a quick game or icebreaker question, woven seamlessly into your PowerPoint presentation.

Instant formative assessment

Instructors can keep the questions coming continuously throughout the session, so it’s obvious when learning is (or isn’t) taken place.

Training evaluations

Training evaluations

When end-of-training evaluations are conducted live, or as a mobile self-paced survey, your organization can start to see 100% completion rates.

Seamless PowerPoint integration

Seamless PowerPoint integration

Poll Everywhere fits right into your existing learning program. Use the same Poll Slides with an instructor-led class as you do with remote learners.

Bring your own device

Bring your own device

Poll Everywhere takes advantage of the slideware you already use, and the mobile devices your participants already own. No clickers cramping your style.

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