Poll Everywhere for hybrid teams

In a distributed workforce, communication is key.

icon of chat bubbles

Bring meetings to life

Get to know your teammates and keep their personalities front and center with real-time engagement. Try an exciting Word cloud to break the ice.

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Foster inclusive conversations

Make room for every voice with transparent dialogue — no matter where you're meeting. Present a Q&A to let participants ask questions from any device.

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Collect feedback in real time

Share a quick Multiple choice activity in between your content to gauge audience sentiment, get a pulse check, or make decisions as a team.

Bridge remote, hybrid, and in-person work

Build connections among employees by sparking conversations directly in your everyday channels. Whether you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, distribute a Poll Everywhere activity to encourage some watercooler chat, gather input, or gather feedback after a meeting.

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Collaborate your way

The more personalized the content, the stronger the audience engagement. Customize every activity to fit your presentation style, slide theme, and team dynamic. Then, add organization-wide branding for a seamless, familiar participant experience.

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Create your first activity

Bring your remote, hybrid, or in-person team together with a simple question.