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We are used around the world - in meetings, conferences, and classes.

Your audience or class can vote via the web from anywhere in the world or text our voting numbers. In some countries, we even offer local or regional SMS texting numbers. Twitter voting works wherever you can tweet.

All the greatness of Poll Everywhere and then some

Special features for a worldly audience

Language support

Language support

Create poll questions and response options in your native language. And see the responses from your audience or class in the language they wrote them in.

Your own web voting page

Accept votes entirely on your own web voting page at www.pollev.com/yourname - available to anyone in the world with a web browser.

Pollev page

SMS text voting

We offer local and regional SMS texting numbers wherever it’s possible. Audiences or classes can also message long distance to our international numbers where their plans allow. Learn more.

We had an international audience from more than 5 countries all voting on the best music video. We’re gonna use Poll Everywhere again this year - it's perfect for this kind of event.
Troy Bankhead, Marketing & Communication at KNEIP

Try out SMS text voting from your country

These regional phone numbers accept SMS messages from around the globe. Simply text the phone number shown and wait for your response to appear. You can also test whether you are able to receive texts back from us. We will send a text message that reads, “Hello from… “ (Note your carrier may charge long distance charges. We offer local numbers wherever they are available to help you avoid those charges.)


A little more detail on international polling

More information is available, but this should get you started

What countries have SMS service?

Each audience member’s ability to SMS vote depends on their particular carrier and particular plan, and the coverage we provide through our international message service partners.

To the best of our knowledge, here is a list of countries by continent that we believe we fully cover:

  • Asia, Africa, & the Middle East: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea (South), Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Qatar.
  • Australia: Australia and New Zealand
  • Central and South America: Belize, Brazil, Chile. We are currently seeking local resellers to help us serve these markets better.
  • Europe: Italy, Greece, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom
  • North America: United States, Canada (Served by short codes, not the long numbers shown below)

Which number should my audience text?

There are two different kinds of phone numbers:

  • Regional numbers that can receive text messages from outside the country. Audience members that have cell phone plans outside that country will have to dial internationally and incur any applicable texting charges.
  • Local numbers that can only receive text messages from within the country. Audience members that are local to that country will not incur long distance texting charges and have a shorter number to dial.

If your audience is from different countries, you can share multiple numbers. The responses will all appear in your poll results no matter which number they were submitted through. (Note that our poll instructions will only be able to show one number due to space constraints, but you can share the complete set of options on a slide, sign, or handout or include it in an email to participants.)

Complete instructions and a list of phone numbers to share with your audience members can be found in our User Guide.

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