Poll Everywhere on Mobile

Respond to live activities from iOS and Android devices

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Download on the App Store

Join a presenter's session and start responding to activities in real time on your iPhone or iPad.

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Download on Desktop

Use Poll Everywhere on your desktop to respond to activities seamlessly and focus on your online meeting.

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Get it on Google Play

Create a Poll Everywhere account and participate in live activities on your Android phone or tablet.

Participate live

Download the Poll Everywhere app in the App Store or on Google Play. Then, create a free account and respond to activities directly from your iOS or Android devices. From iPhones to tablets, turn your device into an engagement tool that spotlights your voice during a meeting, class, or event.

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Track engagement

See how you did after the presentation: check your attendance, correctness, and response history over time. That way, you can continue to monitor your progress and make sure your participation was recorded in every session you joined.

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Get Started with Poll Everywhere

Download the Poll Everywhere mobile app to enhance your live presentation experience.