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The audience responds on their devices. Results appear in slideware or online.

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Create surveys in minutes on the web or in your slide deck. Works seamlessly in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.



The audience responds on their phones or other devices. Use multiple choice, open-ended, ranking, or many more activity types.



Results appear immediately in attractive graphs. Display them in your presentation, create a report, or download a CSV.

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Live survey results

Track survey completion rates in real time

Know when everyone has completed your survey by following the survey completion graph. This graph updates in real time as each person responds to your survey. Each green line represents an individual participant.

Encourage participation by setting a deadline for your survey. When the deadline is reached, the survey will automatically lock, preventing further responses. You can also enable anonymous responses to put people at ease when leaving critical feedback.

Get feedback live or on demand

Present your survey directly from your presentation software. The audience responds in real time. If you're not in front of a live audience, you can send out the survey's sharable response link. The audience then completes the survey on their own time. Either way, the results will be waiting for you in your Poll Everywhere account.

Tom Mazzotta
We had a great experience adding polls for a large event using Poll Everywhere. It really helped to keep our participants engaged in the content.

Tom Mazzotta

Insight Experience

Georgia capitol building

Getting critical feedback from busy people

case study

Frustrated by the abysmal response rates of email, the Georgia Chamber hosted 25 townhalls across the state, using Poll Everywhere to collect and organize the concerns of business owners.

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