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What's inside the toolkit?

Nowadays, having a remote meeting or at least one virtual participant during a hybrid meeting is common. Presentations, brainstorming sessions, and even happy hours are happening online. 

Become the best remote meeting host by incorporating live interactive elements into your meeting. This toolkit teaches you how to bring remote meetings to life by including your audience in the presentation. With a live audience response system, you can collect the same kinds of feedback you would in person without interrupting your usual workflows. Add polls to your slides or include them in the meeting agenda, then activate them to collect feedback from remote participants – no matter where they are in the world. 


In the toolkit, you will find:

  • Examples of Poll Everywhere Activities to try at your next remote meeting.
  • Tips on how to seamlessly integrate activities into your workflow.
  • How to analyze post-meeting data with reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some remote meeting best practices?

Hosting a remote meeting is the same as hosting an in-person meeting, but there are a few things you must consider as the host:

  • Set meeting expectations: Is this a cameras-on kind of meeting or a one-way presentation? If attendees are expected to participate, give them an advanced notice. 
  • Check your software: Whether you are meeting via Zoom, Webex, or any video conferencing software, double-check that the app is up to date and that everything is working properly. 
  • Give people time to join: It often takes 1-3 minutes to join a remote meeting, especially if they are coming from another meeting. Set a time at the beginning of the meeting to allow people to trickle in. 
  • Record the meeting: For those who can’t attend the meeting or for record-keeping purposes, make sure to record the meeting. It is best practice to also give your participants a heads-up before recording. 
  • Engage your attendees: Remote meeting attendees are often tempted to multi-task or disengage with the presentation, so incorporating interactive elements like a Poll Everywhere Activity will maintain your audiences’ attention. 
  • Share next steps and action items: At the end of the remote meeting, wrap up the conversation by sharing the following steps and action items so everyone knows what will come next. This will ensure that your remote meeting was a productive use of time. 

What is the best platform for remote meetings?

Popular platforms like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams are often the top choice for enterprise organizations looking for a videoconferencing software solution. Factors like cost, security, and integrations are important to consider when choosing the perfect platform. Poll Everywhere has a fully integrated app for each platform, which you can check out here

Host Interactive Remote Meetings

Don’t lose your remote meeting attendees’ attention – foster a two-way conversation today with our remote meeting toolkit.