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Get their attention

Keeping your team's attention in a sales meeting can be challenging. While product education and aligning around goals are important, they’re not necessarily thrilling. Poll Everywhere lets you easily include engaging interactive polls in your slideware presentations. Now, instead of checking email or texts, watch your team respond to polls and actively participate in the meeting.

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Gamify your meetings

You hired your team for a reason: because they like to win. Let them bring their fiercest selves to the table with Poll Everywhere Competitions. Create a Competition poll with a handful of comprehension questions before the meeting. At the end of the meeting, activate the Competition and see who rises to the top.


Build momentum before the meeting

Create a survey poll to gather questions and suggestions in advance of the meeting

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Maintain the energy in the room with polls built right into your slides

With Poll Everywhere, polls are easy to create and activate

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End on a high note with a Competition

Use Competitions to boost energy and ensure the whole team is on the same page

75% of the Fortune 500 use Poll Everywhere to get results

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