Instant web voting on smartphones

Create activities online. Participants vote on Android and iPhone.

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Responding to a multiple choice poll from a mobile phone

Smartphone polling from any web browser

Poll Everywhere is a completely web-based, live polling platform. Create and present interactive activities online or directly within your favorite presentation software. Participants respond online or via SMS text messaging on their phones and devices.

With a variety of activities to choose from – including multiple choice and word cloud – and a full suite of visual customization options, Poll Everywhere has the right format for any type of audience voting.

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Create your free Poll Everywhere account. Then, sign into your account to start creating questions and activities in minutes.

Responding to a multiple choice poll from a mobile phone

Create activities

Choose from a variety of activity types and visual settings. Poll Everywhere supports text, images, and emoji.

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Get votes

Results appear live in animated graphs and charts. Display them in your presentation, create a report, or download a CSV.

Using app on a mobile phone or tablet

Enable anonymity for sensitive topics

Create a safe space for shy or introverted participants with Poll Everywhere. Allowing participants to vote on their phones – rather than in front of their peers – gives everyone an equal opportunity to contribute. Turn on anonymity for any Poll Everywhere activity when honest, open feedback is your top priority.

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