Smartphone Web Voting

Multidevice pollev

Voting from any web browser

Command your audience's attention

Your audience opens a browser and navigates to your personal voting page. They see whatever poll you've made active and they respond. When you're ready, you activate the next poll and everyone's screen changes live before their eyes.

This is great for international audiences equipped with web-enabled devices - no fees for long-distance texting!

Contact us if you'd like to customize the look and feel of your voting page.

An easier way to vote

You could always use your smartphone's web browser to respond to polls using our web voting feature; now it's even easier. This is especially useful for frequent users like corporate trainers and students.

SMS Text Messaging   Smartphone Web Voting
  • Every phone can vote
  • Works in very low signal areas
  • Doesn't require a data plan
  • No per-message SMS fees
  • Richer experience
Best suited for
  • One-time events
  • High-frequency voting
    (such as in schools and workshops)

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