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We've designed Poll Everywhere to not only make your life as a presenter easier, but to give you the tools to truly engage and excite your audience or class - from reporting to running on-the-fly team competitions.

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Ensure your entire audience is heard. Whether you have 50 audience members or 50,000 we have a plan for you.

You get to approve messages before they're shown on a public screen. Because you trust your audience, just maybe not that much.

The data is yours! And reports help you make sense of it - whether you download as a CSV, Excel, PDF, or screenshot.

Tell us the correct answer and we do the rest. Responses are automatically graded and report cards show you individual scores.

One account, one payment, lots of users and, of course, special admin rights for the owner. It's great for companies and schools.

Your audience votes using words you choose instead of a six digit number our robots choose. So they text "Laughter" not "7632".

Really know who’s voting on your polls. Lock polls, take attendance, give grades, and track participation.

Group your live polling participants with a multiple choice question, then compare their responses across subsequent questions. Instant participation boost.

Expert advice and consulting support because we’ve done this a few times before and really like helping.

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