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We've designed Poll Everywhere to not only make your life as a presenter easier, but to give you the tools to truly engage and excite your audience or class - from reporting to running on-the-fly team competitions.

Introducing our premium features

Multiple account users

One account, one payment, lots of users and, of course, special admin rights for the owner. It's great for companies and schools.

Large audience sizes

Ensure your entire audience is heard. Whether you have 50 audience members or 50,000 we have a plan for you.

Team competitions

Organize your audience into teams and pit them against each other - live and on-the-fly. Participation goes through the roof!

Choose your keywords

Your audience votes using words you choose instead of a six digit number our robots choose. So they text “Laughter” not “7632.”


You get to approve messages before they're shown on a public screen. Because you trust your audience, just maybe not that much.


The data is yours! And reports help you make sense of it - whether you download as a CSV, Excel, PDF, or screenshot.


Tell us the correct answer and we do the rest. Responses are automatically graded and report cards show you individual scores.

Registered participants

Really know who’s voting on your polls. Lock polls, take attendance, give grades, and track participation.


Expert advice and consulting support because we’ve done this a few times before and really like helping.

Customers praising our premium features

When you’re on stage, you’ve got to keep your cool — and have a tech partner who excels at customer service! So it is with PollEverywhere. Astounding, wonderful, stupendous customer service!

I use Poll Everywhere in professional presentations and have shared it with hundreds of people - what a fun way to spice up the traditional PowerPoint with audience interaction!

Dan C. on Audience Size

People are mesmerized by it. They just love the game aspect.

We were able to draw conclusions by analyzing the data. This helped me in my lesson planning so I could target those learning styles to get students engaged!

Christina E. on Reporting

Enjoy all that Poll Everywhere offers right now.

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A little more detail

Read more about what you get with each of our premium features


Multiple account users

A single account with Poll Everywhere can have multiple users - or presenters at one time. Multi-user accounts allow each presenter, trainer, or instructor to use Poll Everywhere at the same time - in different rooms with their own login, their own password, and their own polls. When they’re not presenting, these users can browse and duplicate the polls their colleagues created, allowing for collaboration across the organization.

The account owner has special controls including whether to allow poll sharing. They can add or remove sub-users, monitor usage, and manage one centralized subscription.

Each of our paid plans includes a set number of users. We are also able to accommodate custom sub-user accounts for larger accounts.

Large audience sizes

Large audience sizes

Each poll - or question - will only accept a set number of responses, determined by the type of plan you’re on. So if you’re on a plan that allows 10 votes, for example, 10 people can vote once, 5 people can vote twice, or 1 person can vote 10 times.

Once you have reached the maximum number of responses, we will not charge overage fees, but your poll will be closed to any additional responses. Audience members who attempt to respond will receive an error message. Their responses will not show up on your poll and cannot be retrieved.

Each of our paid plans includes a set number of responses. Please contact us if your event requires more responses than you see listed. We’ve handled pretty enormous audience sizes.

Team competition

Team competitions

Our team competition (or segmentation) feature allows you to group your audience or class into teams on-the-fly and then see how each team does on the questions you ask.

Your first poll sets up the teams… for example, by asking whether the audience member is a male or a female, or which region of the country they’re from, or whether they did the previous night’s assignment. Their responses to the polls that follow are then grouped by those teams, live in real time. So you see how males versus females responded or which region of the country got the answer right. Crowds get pretty fired up.


Choose your keywords

Our free plan requires audiences or classes to type a multiple-digit number at the beginning of their SMS text message in order for their response to be counted. This number is randomly assigned by our systems and ensures that their response is uniquely sent to your poll.

With our premium plans, however, you can choose your own keywords, rather than use the randomly generated numbers. That way, your audience votes by typing “Laughter” instead of “763219.” The keyword choices are limited to those that are available and not in use by another user. Our system will tell as you type whether your choice is available or not.

Custom keyword choice is only available on certain paid plans. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving certain popular keyword choices and we will do what we can to accommodate you.



Moderation is used with Open Response Polls. Without moderation, a presenter or instructor can ask any question they like and the audience member or student can respond with any answer they like - everything appears on screen, in real time. With moderation, the presenter sees messages before they appear onscreen and must give approval before they go live. Yeah, you’re welcome.

This feature works with our Mobile Presenter app, meaning that you can use your smartphone or web-enabled device to approve messages and your laptop to display the live poll. (This is particularly handy when you only have one laptop, rather than two laptops and an A/V switching device.)



Our reporting feature allows you to make use of all the response data you’ve collected. There are a variety of different report types including summary views that show aggregate responses and detailed drill-downs that show each participant’s response to each of your polls. There’s also a time stamp report for attendance tracking and a pivot report that allows you to quickly generate an Excel Pivot Table - for folks who are into that.

You can download these reports as a PDF, a screenshot, or a CSV file to facilitate further analysis and archiving in a program like Excel.



If you’re on a plan that offers grading, you can mark one or more of your response options as correct. Wait for the votes to come in and then with one click, reveal the right answer on the live chart. Grading works on both Multiple-choice Polls and Clickable Image Polls.

After your session or class, see how your participants or students did. The downloadable report grades all the responses to the poll and provides a ranking of your participants based on the number of correct responses and the average response time.


Registered Participants

Registration lets you identify responses by your participant’s name, email, or any other piece of identifying information you choose (e.g., student ID, personnel number). Run reports, track participation, and generally know who’s thinking what.

You can also restrict participation in your polls to only those that have registered. This is really handy when it’s important to securely and reliably track participation, for example, in classrooms, sensitive corporate events, and continuing medical education programs.

Rest assured that it is Poll Everywhere’s policy to never sell, rent, or otherwise share emails and phone numbers entrusted to us with any organization or third party.



We offer a ton of information and helpful hints on our website, but know that sometimes people need a little extra support. Live polling can be a pretty high stakes game!

Depending on your paid plan, you can gain access to email or phone support from 5 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday with most emails returned within an hour. Some plans even offer 24/7 help by appointment and a dedicated account manager.

If you have an important event or custom request, we regularly provide consulting and on-site support as well. Please contact us to learn more.