Live feedback without leaving Google Slides

Enhance your Google Slides presentation with an interactive poll powered by Poll Everywhere

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Giving a presentation


Multiple activity types, including multiple-choice and clickable image polls, give you the perfect tools for audience assessment.

Word cloud


Invite the audience to collaborate on a live word cloud using their phones. Submissions appear live in Google Slides.

Live Q&A on mobile


Respond to key concerns with a crowdsourced Q&A that lets the audience upvote the best questions to the top.

I've used Poll Everywhere in both large lectures and small discussions, and the mix of peer and technological interaction never fails to engage and excite my students.

Jim Carroll


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Add live audience interaction to Google Slides


Getting started with Poll Everywhere for Google Slides

Effective presentations feel personalized. They adapt when the audience doesn't understand, or disagrees with, the information presented. Poll Everywhere lets you quickly expose and address these issues on the spot. It reveals silent feedback from the audience.

This Google Slides app fits seamlessly into your presentation. Check for comprehension, collect live input, or host an interactive Q&A with Poll Everywhere.

Poll Everywhere on mobile, tablet

Collect sensitive feedback using anonymity

All Poll Everywhere activities let you collect feedback anonymously. This setting is perfect for candid answers in class, or honest feedback during a meeting. Use anonymous word clouds to elicit an emotional reaction to a presentation. Anonymous Q&A sessions give all employees equal access to the CEO, all at once. Unearth problems before they get out of hand.

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Poll Everywhere knows live audience interaction

Over 60% of the Fortune 500 trust Poll Everywhere during meetings and live events

Give a presentation. Start a conversation.

Reimagine Google Slides as a two-way dialogue between presenter and audience with Poll Everywhere

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