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Leading conversations about DEI in the healthcare industry

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Use case
Corporate learning & development

"With Poll Everywhere, the clients who join our sessions can speak freely, especially when the questions relate to their organization. It has been a really great way for us to hear audience voices without having to name names and show faces."

Kathy Poston, Chief Engagement Officer at Just Health Collective, invites every attendee to connect with her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training content through introspective activities. “Everything we do is customized for each client, because everyone is at a different place in their journey.”

Shining a light on inequity

Just Health Collective works in the DEI space, with an additional focus on health equity. “We’re very healthcare focused, working with the entire spectrum including payers, providers, health systems, and pharmaceutical entities.

JHC was founded in early 2020 as COVID-19 related health disparities started becoming apparent. With the national awakening and reckoning of racial injustices, the need for their advisory, consulting, education, and training services skyrocketed.

As a consulting firm, Just Health Collective works on education and strategic advisory for clients, all through the lens of belonging and DEI. “As the Chief Engagement Officer, I work with our clients in a consulting capacity and manage our digital engagement platform called The Just Health Collective Village. It’s a network for like-minded change agents in this space to come together as a community. They can learn from each other as well as from events like book clubs and subject matter expert talks.”

Bringing audience members together

Poll Everywhere allows Kathy and the team to spotlight audience voices during their educational sessions, retreats, and workshops. “Whether we lead in-person or virtual sessions with our clients, we use Poll Everywhere to engage attendees with interactivity. We love it because it breaks up our content with anonymous conversations.”

The activities blended into Kathy’s slide decks cover subject areas like unconscious bias, anti-racism, and social justice. 

"The topics we teach are heavy. The individuals who join are looking to educate themselves, and it’s hard work. It’s mentally exhausting to sit through a presentation about it and stay focused without actively engaging."

Leveraging live engagement

Kathy had already been using Poll Everywhere regularly when she stumbled across the Anti-racism product donation program. “Some of our sessions are very didactic in nature, while others might be multiple-hour-long retreats for board members. Depending on the length of the session and the number of participants, we incorporate Poll Everywhere at different points throughout the content. The premium features have been an awesome addition to our trainings.”

Looking ahead, Kathy is ready to continue growing Just Health Collective’s education programs with Poll Everywhere. “There is so much work to be done in this space. Organizations have a desire to become more aware and do the right thing, and we help them get started. We start with leadership to get their buy-in and engagement, and ultimately work our way through the entire organization.”

"I’m grateful that I found the Anti-racism product donation program. As a startup, we probably would not have committed the extra dollars for an upgraded Poll Everywhere plan otherwise. I have made it a personal goal to take full advantage of the premium features we have available."