Versatile, instant classroom response system

Conduct formative assessments, increase student engagement, and foster deep learning with an easy, clicker-free student response system.

Engage students and increase content mastery, your way

Your presentation software

Use your own presentation software

Poll Everywhere lives in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Reuse your poll slides semester after semester and automatically export grades, attendance, and participation scores through an LMS integration.

Formative assessments

Conduct formative assessments

Check for understanding to discover how well your students are comprehending the lesson and adjust the instruction as needed.

Forget forgotten clickers

Forget about forgotten clickers

No clickers needed. Students can respond using their own smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even “dumb phones” via text messaging.

You can achieve amazing results with active learning

q&a poll
Quickly gauge student's understanding of homework assignments

When class starts, open with a poll on the previously assigned reading or homework. You can quickly tell if they've done the groundwork and understood the content and even automatically give them points for mastery.

Give students a voice, even in a large lecture hall

Go beyond just transmitting facts and concepts. Polling allow students to ask questions, offer suggestions, and brainstorm solutions. Students' use of Poll Everywhere has also emboldened them to speak out verbally.

Promote understanding with in-class polling

Research has found that student attention span is only fiftenn minutes long, and at that point the attention drops dramatically. Use Poll Everywhere to do a quick check every fifteen minutes to make sure the students understand what you're teaching.

Use polling as a wrap-up activity

Polling as a wrap-up activity gives you a glimpse into the minds of students, and lets you see which ideas they understand, and where they might need help. You can then customize future lessons to their needs and interests.

Over 200,000 educators trust Poll Everywhere

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Chris Gerben, Stanford University

“I've used Poll Everywhere in both large lectures and small discussions, and the mix of peer and technological interaction never fails to engage, and excite, my students.”

Chris Gerben
Stanford University

Chris Gerben, Stanford University

"Poll Everywhere makes it easy to try active learning and it makes lectures fun for my students and for me."

Szymon Machajewski
University of Illinois, Chicago

Jon Boyer, Virginia Tech

“We've had terrific success using Poll Everywhere! They are truly engaged in the material because they have a voice.
We love Poll Everywhere and will continue to use it"

Jon Boyer
Virginia Tech

Michael Johnson, Simon Frasier University

"Polling allows the instructor to have an interactive learning environment. There is a much better retention of knowledge when you have students self-evaluate what they know during class.”

Michael Johnson
Beedie School of Business, Simon Frasier University

Summary of research on classroom response


Studies show that students favor using classroom response systems, perceiving their use to be a benefit to their learning and a strong contributor to a more positive and active classroom atmosphere. Student satisfaction has also been shown to increase over time, presumably as the lecturer develops a greater facility with the tool.


The bulk of research points to positive improvements in learning and student achievement, measured in retention and the ability to complete similar problems. Some findings reveal a neutral impact. Generally, this was the case when the underlying pedagogy remained unaltured even as the new tool was introduced.


Data on student response behavior can aid in early identification of at-risk students. Research has shown for example that students who register their devices early have a much higher probability of success than those registering later.

Moving to the head of the class with LMS integration

LMS Integration
Lms clipboard

Gradebook & LMS Integration

You are a polling ninja. Multiple Choice, Open Ended, Clickable Images, Q&A, you've mastered them all. You're engaging your students as never before. You're assessing lesson comprehension as you go, and as a result, your instruction is becoming even more awesome than it already was. Now your Poll Everywhere Gradebook is bursting with scores and data, but data is only useful if you can, well, use it.

Never fear, intrepid educator, we have you covered. Poll Everywhere integrates with Learning Management Systems, such as Blackboard and Canvas. For your convenience we have implementation guides for both Blackboard and Canvas which provide step-by-step instructions for your institution's technical personnel.

Importing course rosters

With our integration service, you'll be able to import your course rosters. This will automatically create participant accounts for any of your students who do not already have one. Students who already have accounts established will not be affected; they will simply be organized into the correct participant group. Speaking of groups, this import will automatically create participant groups by course in your Poll Everywhere account.


Exporting grades

Poll Everywhere's LMS integration allows you to export grades from Poll Everywhere to Blackboard and Canvas. To do this, you first create a Gradebook report. What's in a Gradebook report? Your students, divided by class or section, your poll questions, listed all in a row, plus grades, participation scores, and rankings, in one convenient table. After creating the gradebook report, you can export it into your LMS system.

Get started now

If your institution already has LMS integration configured visit our Higher Education User Guide page to learn how to perform the import/export for both Blackboard and Canvas.

If your institution doesn’t yet have LMS integration, please contact our sales team to get the integration process started.

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