Live polling as a formative assessment strategy

Formative assessments increase student engagement and foster deep learning.

Poll Everywhere makes it easy to deploy in your classroom.

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Guide classroom material according to student understanding

Formative assessments happen during class instead of after. That allows you to make sure every student understands the subject at hand before you move on.

  1. Ask your students a question to determine their understanding of a topic.
  2. If the poll shows that everyone understands the topic, move onto the next subject.
  3. If the poll shows that some students are still struggling with the topic, dive a little deeper into the topic before moving on.
University of Illinois, Chicago
Poll Everywhere makes it easy to try active learning and it makes my lectures fun for my students and for me.

Szymon Machajewski

University of Illinois-Chicago

What does the research say?

Retain learning


Involving your students in class with formative assessment strategies and other interactive tools can help identify at-risk students earlier. Students who register their devices earlier have a much higher probability of success than those registering later.

Student engagement


Engaging students with formative assessment strategies leads to a more positive classroom atmosphere and greater student satisfaction.

Student achievement


Learning and student achievement (measured by retention and the ability to complete similar problems) has been shown to increase with the use of interactive classroom tools like Poll Everywhere. That holds true even when the material itself remains unchanged.

Blackboard and Canvas

LMS Integration

Poll Everywhere integrates directly with Blackboard and Canvas.

Promote deep learning

Importing course rosters

Import your course rosters to automatically create participant accounts for students.

Promote deep learning

Exporting Grades

Export grades directly to Canvas and Blackboard with a Gradebook report.

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