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Real time charts

Mobile surveys on any device

Why wait till your attendees arrive to get to know them? Send out a link an online pre-event survey before hand and find out what they care most about. Make your presentation amazing by speaking directly to their needs.


Totally customizable directly in your slide

Weave a self-paced survey into the flow of your presentation (while you have them captive). Create or insert questions directly in your slide. Make it a race to the finish with the live progress chart in your slide. Then discuss results.

Create or insert polls from Powerpoint

Live, real-time charts to track progress

Gather responses and share results while you’ve still got everyone in the same room. Paper feedback forms and email surveys get ignored. Live, real-time charts showing your audience’s progress do not

Create report

Analyze results from your meeting survey with custom reports and downloads

Knowledge is power. Did you meet attendees expectations? Did you deliver on what you promised? Were participants engaged? Use online post event surveys and share survey links by email, social media, or text. Then send auto-generated PDFs to presenters and colleagues, or download a CSV, and work your data voodoo in Excel.

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