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Create surveys on the go. Discover the information you need wherever you are.


Conduct real-time surveys

Forget the paper feedback survey. Don’t wait till after an event to send out an email requesting attendees answer a survey.

Insert the survey into your presentation for a real time survey and get live survey results.

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Harness the power of a mobile survey tool

With Poll Everywhere, you have the power of a live survey tool in the palm of your hand. Audience members and students can respond to survey questions from their own mobile device.

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Prime the pump

Start your presentation off with a brief live survey to get the conversation started. Insights into what your attendees think and care most about can help you better choose the direction of your presentation.

Create or insert polls from Powerpoint

Discover the truth

What are people thinking? How is the conference going so far? Don’t rely on hearsay.

Use a live survey to get instant, actionable feedback and find out how best to meet the audience's expectations and address topics of interest.

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