Cell phones vs. hardware ARS

How does Poll Everywhere compare to hardware-based Response Systems?

Poll Everywhere has unique advantages compared to hardware-based response systems. See the differences in the table below, and see our detailed vendor comparison that includes list and street prices.

Hardware ARS Poll Everywhere
Five year total cost of ownership (TCO) per participant $50 and up $25.20
Live, animated, customizable, graphed results Yes Yes
PowerPoint integration Yes Yes
Automatic grading/scoring Yes Yes
No proprietary hardware to buy or special vendor software to install Yes
Combine responses from SMS text messages, smartphones, web, and Twitter Yes
Poll people in thousands of locations (such as TV or print advertising) Yes
Hassle-free: no need to handout and collect devices before and after event Yes
No need to bother with recharging batteries Yes
Audience can text in questions, comments, or feedback Some Yes
How to make students accountable for clickers Make the student buy or rent it Students take care of their own phone
Solution for traveling speakers, trainers, or meeting planners Lug around a heavy briefcase of clickers or rent an ARS in each city. You can pack an extra pair of shoes for your trip and count on a consistent voting experience
Rental Cost Often $5-$20 per voting device + fixed cost for receiver and $800-$1000 per technician Free for meetings with less than 25 people, otherwise $0.38 - $1.00 per participant
Effort to setup your first poll Hours - definitely some training A few minutes
Requires technician for large meetings Yes ($1000/day) No
Number of participants supported Between 200 and 1000 voters per RF receiver Over 10,000
How to get the latest features Download software updates, and sometimes buy new clickers/keypads Available instantly; no downloads required
Cost to provide ARS to every person in an entire university or corporation "x" < 10% of "x"!

Want more data? Check out our detailed comparison including industry prices for major ARS systems.