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Sync Your Classroom: How to Use Student Response Systems with Your LMS

Elevate your teaching with the powerful duo of your learning management system (LMS) and a student response system like Poll Everywhere.

Student Response Systems

Imagine a classroom of engaged students all eager to participate in interactive activities.

Student response systems like Poll Everywhere boost participation and make learning interactive while allowing you to gauge student understanding instantly.

And by integrating your LMS, you can effortlessly create auto-graded assessments that help you adapt your teaching on the fly. 


Find out how to unlock student engagement with our Poll Everywhere + LMS guide:

  • Effortlessly integrate Poll Everywhere with your LMS (like Canvas, Blackboard, Sakai, and more.)
  • Save time and effort with auto-grading and streamlined workflows.
  • Boost engagement with real-time polls and quizzes (no clickers needed).
  • Personalize learning objectives and improve curricula by analyzing student response data.

Curious to know more?

We've got answers to some common classroom polling questions.

How do you create a poll in the classroom?

There are multiple options for creating polls in the classroom, and you don’t need to go the traditional paper route. Use a student response system like Poll Everywhere to make polls more interactive and fun. These systems integrate with your LMS and allow students to respond using their own devices.

How do you create a live poll?

Creating a live poll is simple if you use a student response system like Poll Everywhere. You simply create your activity by choosing a question type (multiple choice, open-ended, Q&A, etc.), writing your questions, and setting the poll live. 

Does Google have a polling feature?

Yes, Google Forms is a basic polling tool. However, it’s not designed specifically for interactive classroom use and lacks features like real-time results and integration with your LMS platform. A student response system like Poll Everywhere, on the other hand, offers classroom-focused tools and benefits tailored to educators’ unique needs.

Are Google Classroom polls anonymous?

Google Classroom uses Google Meet as its primary communication platform, and you can set up live polls and Q&A sessions with it. You can also set your polls to display responses without names to maintain anonymity. 

However, Google does note that even when anonymous responses are allowed, all response data is logged and shared with Google, then later anonymized or deleted. Poll Everywhere offers true anonymity through its anonymous polling feature, ensuring honest and unbiased feedback as well as improved privacy.

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