Instant learning activities For PowerPoint + mobile phones

Over half the Fortune 500

No-fuss Icebreakers

Engage everyone from day one by starting with a quick trivia game or icebreaker question, woven seamlessly into your PowerPoint presentation.

No paper to hand out, and nothing to clean up.

Decision Modeling

Allow learners to simulate real-life decisions in training. Present the scenario, then let them choose what they would do or say as a group, via a live poll.

Next, reveal the consequences of the group's decision.


Post-training survey

How would you rate today`s training
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The level of difficulty was
too easy
just right
too difficult
Give an example of how you will use what you learned today
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Instant Q&A

Everyone can type in a question, then see it pop up live on the PowerPoint slide. It's non-threatening, fast, and easy.

After the group upvotes the questions they like, the instructor can response top-down.


This is How it Works

Ask a question
Ask your audience a question with the Poll Everywhere app
Receive responses from audience
Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers
See responses live
See your response live on the web or in a PowerPoint presentation

Poll Everywhere perks for corporate training

PowerPoint Integration

Poll Everywhere quetions turn into live, updating PowerPoint slides

Bring Your Own Device

There's no equipment to uprchase. Use any phone or web device.

In-peron & Remote

Remote learners can participate alongside in-office attendees.