Poll Everywhere on PowerPoint for iPad

Live polling is built into the latest PowerPoint for iPad

PowerPoint for iPad with Poll EverywhereWe’ve always had a thing for PowerPoint– and for making your presentation an interactive, unforgettable experience for the audience.

Now Microsoft pre-installs Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint on your iPad. If you’re up to date you’ve got it. It’s right there in the Add-ins menu. That means an iPad is the only tool you need for all your crowd-pleasing, data-gathering, formative-assessing adventures.

Imagine walking around the room, streaming your presentation to your Apple TV, advancing slides with the swipe of your finger. Now imagine all of that with seamless Poll Everywhere integration for live audience feedback. You’re no longer stuck behind the podium. Get out there.

Two steps to get started

First download or update PowerPoint for iPad, and then enable the Poll Everywhere add-in (more on that below).

That’s it. Now you can use the add-in to–

  • Create slides and Poll Slides in PowerPoint.
  • Present from the iPad.
  • Engage the audience with live polls in PowerPoint.

You run the show from start to finish, with nothing more than one little iPad. That means whether you’re traveling across the hall or to Kathmandu, there’s no need to carry a laptop anymore. You can walk into any meeting with a pre-made PowerPoint deck full of interactive Poll Slides, or decide to create engagement on the fly as you present. It’s all there in your iPad.

  • Sales teams, travel light to your next big presentation.
  • Educators, use one device to engage all your classes.
  • Corporate learning pros, keep all your decks and responses in one iPad.
  • Event planners, run the entire shebang on one device.

The limits are really up to you. With a free Poll Everywhere account and PowerPoint for iPad, you’re set for good times with any crowd.

Find the Poll Everywhere Add-in on iOS PowerPoint here:

How to find Poll Everywhere add-in for iPad PowerPoint


  • Paul Stoll

    Have new PowerPoint on iPad – how do you activate the PollEv add-in?????? When I click the addins menu I have no apps listed – how do I add PollEv as as addin??????????????

    • Rebecca Kerr

      Hi, Paul! You might have to update PowerPoint one more time, even if you got it recently. If it’s up to date, go to Insert, on the top menu, then click the More arrow on the row that lists your options, and then Add-ins, See all. Poll Everywhere is the first one, right there on the top left.

      • I have tried everything. There is no More arrow on the Insert Row and I can’t find Add-Ins.

        • Rebecca Kerr

          Hi, Dabareh. It looks like a little downward arrow, to the right of the insert options. I’ll put a screenshot on the blog for reference.

  • Jordan

    Those of you who are not finding it, it’s because the new IOS came out today. You have to download it first.

    • Rebecca Kerr

      New and shiny!

      • Thanks, Rebecca, but my app has no such button.

        We are being told NOT to update the IOS until they check compatibility with our systems, so guess I am out of luck at the moment.

        I’ll wait and see!

        • Danny

          I had the same problem. No arrow in the PPT app and supposedly on the most updated app version. What I did was delete the ppt app and then reinstalled it and that worked!

          Unfortunately you still can’t activate a poll from a ppt you have sent to your iPad to your desktop. It looks like you have to create each poll in the iOS ppt app and this is disappointing.

          • Rebecca Kerr

            Hi, Danny. Can I ask which version of PowerPoint you were using on your desktop? Is it from the Office App store?

          • Rebecca Kerr

            One more question, have you tried inserting a polling via the iOS app? If you start to type the poll question, it should come up.

  • John

    Is there an add on for keynote in iPad?


    • Rebecca Kerr

      Hi, John! Sorry, but we don’t have that yet.

  • Daniel

    I see the poll everywhere option in my add in in the view all menu, but not in the “my add-in” menu. When i click add, it wants me to sign into outlook, and when i do, it keeps cycling through asking me again and again to sign into outlook. I have an ipad air 2 with iOs10. Seems to be a security problem? Neither microsoft or powerpoint have any help to offer. Do you?