Poll Everywhere for macOS 2.7.4

Technical support release

Technical support releases are for customers who need to install a specific version of Poll Everywhere. If you don't need to install a specific version it is recommended to download the latest version of Poll Everywhere.


Poll Everywhere for macOS 2.7.4 was released on March 24, 2016.


  • Liveslides functionality within the PollEv Presenter app.
  • Forced monitor selection via Help menu.
  • Hidden Slides no longer break functionality.
  • New keyboard shortcuts, cmd+w closes our window when it has keyboard focus, cmd+n opens a new window if they have closed it and the pollev or liveslides apps are active.
  • Better behavior when there’s no internet connection.
  • page up and page down keys properly advance forward or backward.
  • Fix bugs related to keynote and powerpoint running at the same time.
  • Now works with Mavericks!