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Chiasson said the open-ended live comment feed was a huge audience favorite. “It was very interesting for all of the participants to gauge how their fellow viewers felt about the debate and the election in general,” she said. What’s more, she’s now a fan of digital polling. “We had planned to use slips of paper that would have been collected and tallied. Honestly, I can’t imagine using the paper method ever again!

New York Times

As the benefits of clickers catch on, the clickers themselves, which require a base system that costs about $250 to record answers and produce real-time graphs, may face an uncertain future. Companies are plotting their obsolescence. Software from Poll Everywhere, for example, allows participants to text responses from their cellphones.

US News and World Report

Even if I had millions of dollars to waste, it's better for students to use the phones they already own.

Fast Company

Poll Everywhere and Mobile Messenger, a technology solutions group that partners with carriers, have partnered to develop affordable, educational SMS programs. Instead of barking at students to put their phones away, teacher can instead ask them to whip out the phones for a flash quiz during class.

Meetings & Conventions

The aim here is ease of use. "We're trying to build a service where meeting planners won't need any training," says Vyduna. "We don't want people to need online courses to learn our software."

As long as Wi-Fi is available, responses to Poll Everywhere surveys also can be sent in by laptops, iPads and iPod Touches. And answers can be tweeted and still come straight into the presenter's PowerPoint slides in seconds (there's a demo here: bit.ly/hM005m).


As American Idol's success has shown, people love to vote -- and to see how others have voted. But why limit electronic polling to TV land? Why can't any audience anywhere be polled, whenever, with the results projected for all to see? Now, a service called Poll Everywhere makes it pretty simple to offer this...

The Huffington Post

We also had to trust they would use their mobile learning devices (i.e. cell phones) responsibly as a tool for learning in certain classes using free programs such as Poll Everywhere. The result has been an increase in student engagement, enthusiasm towards learning, and mutual respect amongst students and staff.

Educational Leadership
The Marshall Memo

Poll Everywhere turns cell phones into student responders—something most schools can't afford—that teachers can use to gather information about content mastery in their class... Considering how important efficiently collecting data has become in today's classroom—and that 75 percent of all students with cell phones have unlimited texting plans—services like Poll Everywhere should be an instant hit in most schools.


I've seen another teacher use Poll Everywhere software with the students to check on their understanding during a lecture. The teacher posed a math problem, the students texted their replies to the Poll Everywhere site, and a pie chart showing the distribution of answers was instantly projected at the front of the class, giving the teacher a chance to clear up any misconceptions before moving on.

Duke Center for Instructional Technology

I love it! The student response from our midsemester surveys has been VERY positive about it, too... It’s great for engaging the students and giving me as a professor a chance to really know what fraction of the class understand a topic.

The Charleston Advisor

Unlike conventional systems using dedicated hardware, Poll Everywhere is not confined to multiple-choice based polling. Instead, it leverages the full potential of the SMS format and, when so configured, allows respondents to reply in full free-text sentences. This is a unique feature of this technology. Allowing students to answer unconstrained in their own language can give an instructor valuable insight into how students are understanding and applying course concepts.

Tech Crunch

Poll Everywhere, a Y Combinator company that launched last Fall, is a service that allows presenters to sidestep these obstacles [proprietary devices] by taking polls with mobile phones. Instead of using a proprietary device, users simply send a SMS message to a specified number. This data can then be displayed on a dynamic PowerPoint slide, allowing users to watch the results change on the fly.

The Boston Globe

Using audience response system technology provided by $100K mobile semi-finalist team Poll Everywhere, the crowd morphed into a brainy version of American Idol, texting their votes in immediate response...


Poll Everywhere really shines when you’re presenting to an audience, are on the move, or just want to poll your Twitter followers. The Poll Everywhere widget can be downloaded as a PowerPoint Slide and will live-update as each user votes. If you want to find out more about your audience, just ask them to whip out their cell phones and text to 22333 their desired response.

Mass High Tech

Poll Everywhere's technology allows users to conduct polls via mobile text messaging and then watch the results in real time via programs like Microsoft Corp.'s PowerPoint.

College Mogule

The live interactive text messaging polling service had people captivated and engaged as the audience eagerly watched the percentages on the bar chart fluctuate as votes poured in from phones to determine the crowd favorite and who would win $10,000.

MIT Technology Review

Your product is fantastic.

Cell Phones in Learning

I have written before about trying to find a way for basic cell phones to replace the expensive classroom performance systems (CPS) ... Now, I have found another web2.0 that works in the same fashion as a CPS tool.