Sharing responses

Presenting is not the last mile of engagement. Share responses with anyone, no Poll Everywhere account required for recipients.

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Send Poll Everywhere activity responses to anyone with Share responses

Select the activities you want to share

Select up to any 20 activities in your account to share with others. You can share with anyone that has an email, no Poll Everywhere account needed.

Share response of just one activity

You can also quickly share the responses of a single activity to registered participants of the activity and to others via email.

Recipients receive a link to download a screenshot

Recap ideas, summarize learnings, present findings all with a quick email of selected activity responses.

From high-level overviews to detailed insights

Reporting compiles audience response data after any activity and reveals useful insights to the presenter. Reports share the number of polls, participants, average responses, and average engagement.

Report types include, Executive summary, Pivot table, Participant response history, and Gradebook.

Export your data as a CSV file to create your own custom reports.

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