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Answering a text poll on mobile phone with Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a versatile mobile polling app

Make your presentations more engaging by incorporating polls that your audience can respond to from their mobile devices. Create and present thought-provoking polls, like Q&As, multiple choice questions, and word clouds, then watch the audience’s mobile responses appear live on the presentation screen.

Mobile polling allows you to capture feedback from the audience without the need for extra hardware like clickers, and with so many ways to respond — via SMS texting, mobile web, or the Poll Everywhere app — you'll collect actionable feedback from as many people as possible.

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Start collecting actionable feedback during presentations today. Try real time polling with Poll Everywhere.

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Creating mobile polls on a laptop with Poll Everywhere web app

Create engaging mobile polls

Use the Poll Everywhere web app to create polls, then present from the web or include polls in your presentation slides. Try a Q&A to gather open-ended feedback or use a word cloud to create a live visual of the group’s thoughts on a topic.

Presenting a text poll to an audience with Poll Everywhere

Collect audience insights

Your audience uses their mobile devices to respond in real time via SMS text polling, mobile web, or the Poll Everywhere app. Watch as their responses appear on the presentation screen, then let the feedback guide discussions.

Woman reviewing text polling results with Poll Everywhere

Put your new feedback to work

Use the feedback you collected through mobile app and text polling to improve your presentation for next time. Create reports to understand which topics were most engaging to your audience and identify areas that need further discussion or instruction next time.