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Create a conversation

Forget boring, one-way presentations. Poll Everywhere gives you the power to engage your audience in meaningful conversation.

Seamless integration

Poll Everywhere integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint. Just download the add-in and click the Poll Everywhere menu to get started.

Unforgettable presentations

Formative assessments, icebreaker questions, crowdsourced word clouds. Create an experience your audience won’t soon forget.

The first time that I activate a poll, the look on their faces when their screen shows the poll is priceless. But then when they see the word cloud forming or the bars in the bar charts moving, it is truly amazing.

Dr. Vikas Shah


1. Download the add-in

You’ll find Poll Everywhere in the ribbon (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). Sign in to start creating interactive PowerPoint presentations.

2. Add questions as slides

Create polls from PowerPoint, or add your existing polls. Each will appear as a new slide.

3. Present

As you advance through your presentation in fullscreen mode, each poll will activate and load automatically.

4. Watch the delight unfold

When responses start pouring in, your poll will come alive. Your audience will, too.

Captivate the audience with interactive presentations

Poll Everywhere’s interactive PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentations have driven engagement for more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies

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