Poll Everywhere vs. iClicker

The very best mobile polling software out there.... hands down.

More flexible. More affordable.

Best value

No clickers

No hardware to buy means lower costs and no more worrying about students forgetting their clickers.

White labeling

Response options

Respond via our free app (iOS and Android), web, text, and even Twitter.

Rollout support

Slideware integration

No uploads needed. Poll Everywhere integrates directly with your slideware application.

Prepare and teach your way

Best value

Total Control

When it comes to poll choices and functionality Poll Everywhere blows iClicker/Reef Polling out of the water. With Poll Everywhere you aren’t limited to just multiple choice, number, and single word polls. You can have short answer responses, Q&A, Brainstorm sessions, and even competitions between different groups within classes. Functionally we let you group and sort polls to organize them, schedule start and stop times, push multiple polls to a web voting page, utilise peer upvoting and downvoting, and use clickable images just to name a few of our features.

White labeling

Customized look and feel

With Poll Everywhere you can customize the look and feel of both your poll and the responses. iClicker’s display options are extremely limited. We give you many more response variations like vertical columns graphs, word clouds, and text tickers. We also give you the power to adjust the background color, font color, font style, background images and more to completely customize the look and style of your polls to match your presentation.

Necessities, not frills

Since 2008 we’ve stuck to our mission: To provide the very best instantaneous polling software anywhere. With Poll Everywhere you don’t pay for hardware and other things you don’t need, or features that you already get from your Learning Management System. This allows us to provide the most flexible and best classroom response software available.

Life after class

Life after class

Poll Everywhere’s usefulness doesn’t end with the classroom. Poll Everywhere’s unsurpassed flexibility and utility means you can take us with you when you hit the speaking circuit or while guest lecturing at other institutions. Here are some creative Poll Everywhere ideas from veteran users:

  • Speaking at conferences or events
  • Brainstorm or problem solve with a large group of people
  • Live contests or ranking ideas
  • Discuss sensitive topics in a safe environment
  • Actively engage a remote audience

Poll Everywhere vs. iClicker: a toe to toe comparison

Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere

  • Integration with PPT, Keynote, & Google Slides.
  • Fully customizable display with 7 preset visual themes.
  • Respond by SMS, web, smartphone app (iOS & Android), and Twitter. Instructor controls response method.
  • Multiple choice, open response, click on image, ranking, and Q&A.
  • Moderate manually or automatically filter.
  • Web accessible gradebook (FERPA compliant).
  • LMS integration.
  • 1 on 1 instruction and weekly live webinars.
  • No clickers or base stations to purchase. Students pay $14/year, or instructor pays $349/semester.


  • No slideware integration.
  • No display customization.
  • Clicker & iOS app.
  • Multiple choice, number, word (with the right equipment).
  • No moderation.
  • Web accessible gradebook (FERPA compliant).
  • LMS integration.
  • Pre-recorded videos.
  • Clickers: $45 - $65 each. Base Station: $199 Students pay $15.99 per year for Reef Polling.

Get the ball rolling

With true presentation integration, greater control, moderation, greater poll functionality, and no base station or clickers to buy, Poll Everywhere is hands down the better choice.

To find out more ways Poll Everywhere can benefit your classroom experience contact our sales team.