Poll Everywhere vs. Top Hat

Poll Everywhere delivers engagement that works the way you teach

More flexible. More affordable.

Best value

Best value

We charge less than half what Top Hat costs while providing less fluff and more utility.

White labeling


Profanity filter and moderation feature to keep discussions clean and on topic.

Rollout support

Response options

Respond via our free app (iOS and Android), web, text, and even Twitter.

Fits your style and workflow

Best value

Slideware integration

Don’t change how you prepare your lectures. Unlike Top Hat, Poll Everywhere integrates directly with your slideware application. There’s no need to upload your course content to a student response system.

White labeling

Customized look and feel

With Poll Everywhere you can customize the look and feel of both your poll and the responses. Top Hat’s display options are limited. Poll Everywhere offers many more response variations like vertical column graphs, word clouds, and text tickers. We also give you the power to adjust the background color, font color, font style, background images, and more to completely customize the look and style of your polls to match your presentation.

Necessities, not frills

We are best-in-class at what we do... real time polling and classroom response. While we have some worthy competitors who offer extras like file hosting and student collaboration, we have stuck to our mission since 2008: To provide the very best instantaneous polling software anywhere. With Poll Everywhere you don’t pay for bells and whistles that you don’t need, or features that you already get from your Learning Management System. This allows us to offer the best in classroom response software at less than half the price of Top Hat.

Life after class

Life after class

Poll Everywhere’s usefulness doesn’t end with the classroom. Our unsurpassed flexibility means you can take instant audience engagement on the road, whether you're on a speaking circuit or guest lecturer at another institution. Here are some creative Poll Everywhere ideas from veteran users:

  • Brainstorm or problem solve with a large group of people
  • Discuss sensitive topics in a safe environment
  • Speaking at conferences or events
  • Live contests or ranking ideas
  • Actively engage a remote audience

Poll Everywhere vs. Top Hat: a toe to toe comparison

Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere

  • Integration with PPT, Keynote, & Google Slides.
  • Fully customizable display with 7 preset visual themes.
  • Respond by SMS, web, smartphone app (iOS & Android), and Twitter. Instructor controls response method.
  • Multiple choice, open response, click on image, ranking, and Q&A.
  • Web accessible gradebook (FERPA compliant).
  • LMS integration.
  • 1 on 1 instruction and weekly live webinars.
  • Students pay $14 per year, or instructor pays $349/semester.

Top Hat
Top Hat

  • No slideware integration.
  • Limited display customization, 1 preset visual theme.
  • SMS and web response only. Instructor has no control over response method.
  • Multiple choice, click on target, numeric answer, word answer, sorting, and matching.
  • Web accessible gradebook (FERPA compliant).
  • LMS integration.
  • 1 on 1 instruction and occasional live webinars.
  • Students pay $36 per year. No instructor plan.

Get the ball rolling

With true presentation integration, greater control, moderation, and all this for less than half the cost of Top Hat, Poll Everywhere is in our (admittedly biased) opinion the better choice.

To find out more ways Poll Everywhere can benefit your classroom experience contact our sales team.