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Turn meetings into two-way conversations with Poll Everywhere web-based polling software.

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Responding to a Poll Everywhere poll during meeting with mobile device

Boost engagement at meetings with interactive polls

Add an element of fun to your usual meetings by using polls during your presentations! Create engaging polls, like open-ended Q&As, multiple choice questions, and word clouds that let you visualize audience responses in real time. Meeting attendees use their mobile phones to respond to polls instead of being distracted by emails or texts, and their candid feedback helps you gauge understanding, gather consensus, or improve your content for next time.

Start using live polls in your presentations today

Sign up for your Poll Everywhere account, download the app for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, and start presenting.

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Creating mobile polls on a laptop with Poll Everywhere web app

Add polls to your slides with the app

Use your favorite presentation software to create meeting slides, then use the Poll Everywhere app for PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides to insert your polls. When you advance to a slide with a poll, it automatically activates to capture feedback.

Presenting a text poll to an audience with Poll Everywhere

Collect responses from attendees

Meeting attendees use their mobile devices to respond to polls in real time via SMS text polling, mobile web, or the Poll Everywhere app. Responses appear instantly on the presentation screen to spark discussion. Try an anonymous poll to capture truly candid feedback.

Woman reviewing text polling results with Poll Everywhere

Use feedback to drive decisions

Attendees’ responses to your targeted poll questions can help identify knowledge gaps or areas of particular interest so you can adjust your presentation accordingly. Post-presentation, generate response reports for even greater insights.