Audience-powered Q&A and brainstorming

Quick and easy crowdsourced feedback

Celebrating the easiest, most elegant way to poll. You set a PollEv username and your audience visits to respond. You control which poll question they see.

Create your first Q&A poll

Bye bye, microphone hogs

Hello, meaningful dialogue for the rest of us

Give every last person a voice

Everyone in the room can submit a question or idea with a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and see it pop up on the main screen in the time it would take one person to stand up and ask.

Get to the good stuff

Q&A empowers the audience to decide which questions they need answered. They can upvote what they like, and downvote what they don’t like, so you can answer the ones that count.

Tap the wisdom of the crowd

Everyone wins when the collective creativity of the audience hones in on one task. Q&A helps you tune out the distractions and focus the talents of an entire group on the issue of the day.

Where will you use Q&A?

Wherever you need a fast, anonymous way to collect and moderate questions from the crowd

Powerpoint and Keynote presenters

Display top voted questions live in PowerPoint and Keynote

Seamless integration with your presentation. Poll Everywhere is deeply embedded in your presentation experience, so you remain the center of attention. You never have to click away from your deck.

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The presenter stays in control

The presenter stays in control

Highlight, dismiss, and pin responses to manage the flow of discussion

Highlight: When you want to discuss a response, click the star to highlight it. Now everyone can give it the attention it deserves. Then move on to the next.

Dismiss: If there’s a class clown in the mix, no worries. You can instantly dismiss unwanted comments. You can also dismiss responses after you address them, to reduce clutter.

Pin: Sometimes great ideas don’t fare well in the ranking. Pin them to the top, so nobody has to miss the hidden gems.

Try it!

This is actually a live poll

  1. Go to on your phone
  2. Submit a response
  3. Upvote or downvote other responses

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