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Run question and answer sessions that give everyone a voice with Poll Everywhere

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Ask a question

Discover the audience's top questions and comments with a Poll Everywhere Q&A. Present from PowerPoint or the web.

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Collect response

The audience responds online from the privacy of their devices. They also see a list of all responses, and can vote for their favorites.

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Show responses

Responses with more votes rise to the top of the Q&A. See a curated list of the audience's top questions and comments live.

Over 75% of the Fortune 500 trust Poll Everywhere

Q and a meeting

Crowdsource quality feedback with Q&A



No more passing microphones around the room. Quickly hear from everyone, not only the most vocal.


Ask for feedback or discussion items at the end of a large meeting and address any lingering concerns.


Collect and qualify ideas in a safe, anonymous environment that doesn't put individuals on the spot.

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Anonymity creates equal opportunity

Provide a safe space for shy or introverted participants with Poll Everywhere. By letting people respond online – rather than in front of their peers – you give everyone an equal opportunity to be heard, not only the most brave or vocal in the group. Additional settings are available to further protect audience members' identities.

Gabriel Grant
Poll Everywhere has been essential for understanding the experience our audience is actually having, as opposed to imagining what experience they're having.

Gabriel Grant


Laptop with Q&A activity titled 'Got questions for Jay?'

Maximize employee engagement with company town hall meetings

case study holds all-hands meetings powered by Poll Everywhere. The anonymous Q&A sessions allow the company to take the pulse of hundreds of employees at once, leveling the playing field between leadership and employees.

One-third attends in person, and the rest join via livestream – yet every voice is represented equally on-screen.

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