Single sign-on integration (SSO)

Faster, safer sign-in for organizations using Poll Everywhere

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Why is SSO important?

SSO delivers convenience and security. Rarely do the two go together, but by allowing users to manage fewer logins, it is more likely they will use strong, unique passwords, protecting themselves and your organization. Properly implemented SSO also allows you to track who’s accessing what, when, where, and how. If there is a security breach, SSO allows you to isolate it and lock systems down quickly.



Leverage the data and security infrastructure you already have in place. Let users make the most of an interface and an account system they already trust.



We all have too many passwords to juggle. SSO makes it more likely that your users have stronger passwords simply by reducing the number they need to manage.



Re-importing and managing an entirely new database of users and complying with security requirements is not just a hassle, it's a waste of resources. SSO leverages your existing protocol and policies to save time and effort for the entire organization.

How safe is SSO?

Poll Everywhere employs industry best practices when implementing SSO for clients. This includes the use of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to ensure the SSO connection is secure and safe. The greatest security risks will come from users using weak passwords or leaving themselves vulnerable through insecure practices like saving passwords in accessible documents. By employing SSO, you can help mitigate these risks.