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Ask participants a question with a Poll Slide in PowerPoint, or via the web.
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Participants answer using a mobile phone or any other web device.
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Responses display live in the PowerPoint slide or on the web.

An end-of-session training evaluation is just one piece of the complete training ROI puzzle. You also need a sharp before & after snapshot of employee knowledge, and more importantly, indications of changed behavior and better performance. Get insight into the effectiveness of training quickly and easily with a PowerPoint and web native tool that lets you survey participants before, during, and after training, both live, in-person, and by email or web page.

75 percent of the Fortune 500 use Poll Everywhere to engage employees

Deloitte University uses Poll Everywhere to track CPE attendance.
We ditched paper sign in sheets and haven't looked back since!

Tonya Corley


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We're always amazed, watching the responses
come in, and seeing the bars grow. It breaks up the monotony.

Jayme Torres

Product Trainer at Pamlab

Emily Swissheim
We're always amazed, watching the responses
come in, and seeing the bars grow. It breaks up the monotony.

Emily Swissheim

Poll Everywhere makes learning active, social, and personal

Before & After snapshot

Before & After snapshot

Let participants answer a quick set of questions in PowerPoint or by email, to gauge their knowledge before and after training.

Post-training evaluation

Post-training evaluation

Gather feedback right there on the final slide of the presentation, or send an instant survey via email. You can even embed surveys in your training site

Instant formative assessment

Instant formative assessment

Instructors can keep the questions coming continuously throughout the session, so it’s obvious when learning is (or isn’t) taken place.

Easy ROI reporting

Easy ROI reporting

Data from training feedback and evaluations arrives instantly in your account. Share it via one of five lovely, ready-made reports.

PowerPoint integration

Seamless PowerPoint integration

Poll Everywhere fits right into your existing learning program. Use the same Poll Slides with an instructor-led class as you do with remote learners.

Use personal mobile devices

Bring your own device

Poll Everywhere takes advantage of the slideware you already use, and the mobile devices your participants already own. No clickers cramping your style.

Poll Everywhere makes compliance training fun

Organizations around the world use live polls to break up dull content with learning activities, games, and review questions.


Pamlab Training

Instant engagement for detail-heavy training

Jayme Torres isn’t a schoolteacher. But it’s easy to feel like one when you present six-hour lectures every day, sometimes for weeks on end. Jayme works as a product trainer for sales reps at Pamlab, a naturalized pharmaceutical company based in Louisiana.

She teaches volumes of detailed, data-heavy medical information to new sales team members, including 50 inside team members who work the phones and over 200 outside team members who meet with doctors daily. They study each product for six hours each plus two hours of clinical review. It’s an intense fact dumping.

Marathon PowerPoint sessions interrupted

Jayme is constantly innovating, bringing a little life and laughter to her trainings. “I try to break up the monotony and make it fun. I’m also looking for ways to increase engagement.”

One of the tools Jayme uses to liven up her marathon PowerPoint sessions is Poll Everywhere. Sometime near the beginning of a product lecture, or after a break, Torres runs a poll. Often it’s a question that tests the limits of the new sales reps’ background knowledge, or gauges their level of understanding of the topic at hand. Other times she uses polling as an icebreaker, to encourage new team members to get to know one another and interact.


Pamlab’s most popular poll to date is the one Jayme created with the help of seven team leaders. Each leader gathered one interesting fact about each person on his or her team. Then Jayme randomized the facts and created a massive Bingo game for the staff to play at the beginning of the meeting. Everyone milled around the room, trying to match each fact with a name and a face. It delivered a lot of laughs, and was the perfect way to break the ice.

Jayme reserved the most intriguing facts of the game for the poll. She put seven facts about seven mystery team members on screen, and let the whole room vote on who was who. The results were hilarious, and got the whole sales force pumped and primed for the session.

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