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Ability to customize question Poll Everywhere iClicker
Number of options allowed per poll 1000 5
Length of each option text 255 characters Unlimited
Length of title 1000 Unlimited
Images as votable options in multiple choice polls Yes Yes
Math equations, subscripts and superscripts as votable options Yes (including LaTeX) Yes
Availability of open-ended questions (also referred to as free text, message board, text-to-screen responses) Yes No
Moderation of responses to open-ended questions before they go live Yes. Auto-censor profanity, and human No
Peer upvotes on answers to open-ended questions Yes, and also downvote No
Controllable scroll back in time of responses to open-ended questions Yes No
Can update question and options and have text update on all remote screens without reload Yes No
Features Poll Everywhere iClicker
Poll types 5 3
Group and sort polls to organize them Yes No
Ask Multiple questions simultaneously Yes (Survey) No
Auto stop polls/set time Yes, and scheduled start. No
Push multiple polls to web voting page Yes No
Set the maximum number of responses per person 1, any specific number, or unlimited
Countdown timer Yes No (shows time)
Customize the reply message Yes No
Bulk start/stop/clear/delete Yes
Completely anonymous voting Yes Yes
Weighted grading (correctness and participation) Yes Yes
Ability to restrict participation to a list of pre-registered participants Yes Yes
Graded polls (right/wrong answers) Yes Yes
Response methods Poll Everywhere iClicker
Methods Text, internet, iPad, Android and iOs apps, web widget Internet, App (iOS only), Android Coming soon
Live response webpage Yes Yes
Asynchronouse response webpage Yes Yes
Supports SMS Text Messages Yes, dedicated short codes in some countries No
International numbers US, Canada, UK, Australia & Europe - long codes No
Custom keywords Reservations available on some paid plans No
Web response pages Personalized PollEv.com/username response page Access code
Steps required for new audience member to respond 2 4
Pre/post presentation response pages Yes No
Self-paced response pages Yes No
Ability to un-moderate single messages on open-ended questions Yes, but not live on screen. No

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